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Romantique 1967-70

 Title: Elvis Presley - La Legende - Romantique 1967-70    
 Label:BMG France / Editions Atlas, Paris 
 Catalog Number: 2868 227 
 Total Tracks: 15 
 Track Listing:  In The Ghetto - Suspicious Minds (long version) - Only The Strong Survive - I'll Be There - After Loving You - This Is The Story - Mine - Do You Know Who I Am - If I'm A Fool - The Sound Of Your Cry (long version) - I've Lost You (long version) - Twenty Days And Twenty Nights - Any Day Now - Without Love - Hey Jude
Notes: Track 02) Suspicious Minds long overdubbed version
Track 10) The Sound Of Your Cry long version 3:59min
Track 11) I've Lost You long version 3:54min
Track 15) Hey Jude long version 4:29min