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El Rey Collection Vol.1 - Jailhouse Rock

 Title: Jailhouse Rock 
 Catalog Number: 74321 785282 
 Release Date:August 2000 
 Tracks: 20 
 Track Listing:  Jailhouse Rock - Treat Me Nice - I Want To Be Free - Don't Leave Me Now - Young And Beautiful - (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care - Jailhouse Rock (movie version) - Treat Me Nice (movie version) - I Want To Be Free (movie version) - Young And Beautiful (movie version) - Don't Leave Me Now (alternate master) - Love Me Tender - Poor Boy - Let Me - We're Gonna Move - Love Me Tender (end title version) - Let Me (solo) - We're Gonna Move (stereo take 9) - Poor Boy (stereo) - Love Me Tender (stereo).