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Let’s Take It On Home Again Vol. 2

 Title:  Let’s Take It On Home Again Vol. 2 
  Label:  It's Elvis Time 
 Catalog Number:  Legends 2203 
 Year:  2002 
 Country: Netherlands 

WNOE Radio, New Orleans. July 9, 1956 - Jim Stewart Interview, Radio Station Studio, New Orleans. July 10, 1956 - Ray and Norma Pillow interview, Tampa, Fla. August 5, 1956 - Excerpts from the Paul Wilder interview for TV Guide with Elvis and the Colonel, at the Polk Theatre in Lakeland, Fla. August 6, 1956 - From NBC's "Monitor": 'Happy' interviews Elvis, ca. Sept. '56 - Elvis Promo for RCA Record Player, November 1956 ("RCA Radio Victrola Division Spots") - 'Der Elvis' in München, Germany. June 19, 1959 - Johnny Paris interview at the Ray Barracks in Friedberg, Germany for the Armed Forces Radio & Television Services Network. March 1, 1960 - Presentation of Awards to Elvis in Honolulu, Hawaii on March 25, 1961 – Elvis talks about his new “Blue Hawaii” film, 1961 – The Beatles talk about Elvis, August 28, 1965 - Elvis fools around with Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits, D.J. Tom Moffet, Marty Lacker and the Colonel in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 18, 1965 - The Colonel "snowjobs" a desperate discjockey, August 1965 -Radio Promo for "Charro!"(1969), including interviews on the set of this movie with producer / Director Charles M. Warren and actresses Ina Balin and Barbara Werle – Radio promo for “Frankie & Johnny, 1966 – “Turtle” talk Las Vegas, February 21, 1970 – Complete Jaycees Award Speech January 16, 1971 - "Elvis On Tour" Movie Radio Promo (1972) - Elvis Pays Tribute to J.D. Sumner (soundboard, 1975) - Elvis is Alive and Well in his Bathroom in Kalamazoo! (radio comedy scetch, 1989)

 Notes:  A talking album only.