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Elvis In Hollywood 


 Title:   Elvis In Hollywood  
 Catalog Number:   18573-6  
  Land:  Germany (German Club Editon) 
  Release Date:  1989 
 value:   100 Euro  
  Track listing: 

Jailhouse Rock
Rock-A-Hula Baby
Kissin' Cousins
Wild In The Country
King Creole
Blue Hawaii
Fun In Acapulco
Follow That Dream
Girls! Girls! Girls!
Viva Las Vegas
Bossa Nova Baby
Flaming Star
Girl Happy
Frankie And Johnny
Double Trouble
They Remind Me Too Much Of You

  liner notes:  The name Elvis Presley is synonymous for all superlatives which were invented by the American showbusiness that has never been short of attractions anyhow. Because the singer Eivis Presley within 20 years was not only mode the God of the Pop Culture, but also became the incarnation of the eternally young Rock'n'Roll.

Today Elvis Presley is the highest paid entertainer in the world, he is the singer with the biggest record sales and his popularity is incomparable. Even Frank Sinatra, the Beatles or the Pope, according to a recent research, are not able to compete with the "King". Elvis Presley's name is even better known throughout the world than Coca Cola. His TV-Show from Honolulu, Hawaii, which was broadcast an January 14th, 1973 all over the world via satellite was seen by nearly one third of the globe's population.

An important part of his career were the 33 movies which the actor Elvis Presley did between 1956 and 1972. Contrary to normal film productions in his movies Elvis Presley not only played the lead, but the movies were specially constructed and produced for and around him. Because Elvis Presley did not appear publicly between March 26th, 1961 and July 31st, 1969, these movies were the only media through which he was available to his fans over this period.

As a film hero Elvis Presley was not a successor to James Dean, nor did he try to become a second Marlon Brando - Elvis acted in light entertaining films only. Nevertheless - or maybe because of that - his movies became bestsellers. The popular demand was so great and the fans were rushing into the cinemas in droves that the movie "Blue Hawaii", which was released in November, 1961, had to be shown simultaneously in 530 cinemas throughout the USA alone.

Beside the colourful, uncomplicated and sometimes funny light entertainment movies like "Girls! Girls! Girls!" "Fun In Acapulco" or "Viva Las Vegas", Elvis, who was complemented by the "New York Times" in 1958 for his role in "King Creole" that he has "good acting abilities and talent",  also acted in some more serious films such as "Flaming Star" or "Charro".

This album is dedicated to all the Elvis fans who remember the movies weli.

Mike E. Rodger