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Rare Elvis

 Title:   Rare Elvis 
 Catalog Number:   PD 89003 / 18558-7  
  Land:  Germany (German Club Editon) 
  Release Date:  1988 
 value:   55 Euro  
  notes:   RCA PD 89003. On backside (case) 18558-7 sticker. 
  Track listing: 
Early Mornin' Rain 
Hawaiian Wedding Song 
No More 
It's Only Love 
Come What May 
I'm Yours 
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 
Patch It Up (single version)
Don't Cry Daddy 
High-Heel Sneakers 
Lover Doll 
Doncha' Think It's Time 
The Sound Of Your Cry 
Elvis Sails: Press Interview With Elvis Presley 
Elvis Presley's Newsreel Interview 
Pat Hernon Interview