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Here you can find the so called "Shape CDs". Not all "Shape CDs" were printed by the Shape Media Inc.  and not all listed Elvis Shape CDs are RCA/BMG releases.




20th Anniversary

  Title: 20th Anniversary 
  Label: Scopus Records / BMG France 
  Catalog Number: None Listed !  
  Release Date: 1987  
  Country:  France  
  Track Listing:   Heartbreak Hotel
  Note:  Comes in a box with booklet and telephonecard.
Strangest thing on this one is that the CD says "Limited Edition 2000 copies" and the matrix # says "SCOPUS RECORDS - LIMITED EDITION 3000 COPIES" !



Always On My Mind

  Title: Always On My Mind 
  Label: BMG 
  Catalog Number: 74321 504072  
  Release Date: 2002  
  Country:  Netherlands  
  Track Listing:   Always On my Mind - Separate Ways (take 25)
  Note:  This came out in 1997 , beacuse it was the 20th Anniversary. It came in a jewel case with a picture on the front cover from Elvis in the black leather suit. This is the same as it stands on the disc.  We do not know how many there were pressed , it was only released in the Netherlands !  



Come And Get Me

  Title: Come And Get Me 
  Label: EFE Productions 
  Catalog Number: None Listed !  
  Release Date: 1999  
  Country:  Netherlands  
  Track Listing:  Elvis Taks About His Show (Houston, 1970-02-27) - Elvis Talks About His Career (Las Vegas, 1969-08-21) - Tweedle Dee (1954-12-18) - The Image, The Man ... (New York, 1972-06-02) - I Got A Woman (1956-05-16) - The Aloha Interview - Arlene Calling Elvis -
A Better Human Being
This shape cd was given at the Elvis For Everyone convention on June 6 - 1999 and is limited to 500 copies.
If you have the luck than you can also find a copie of this one with the autograph from "Al Dvorin" who was also at this convention !



Suspicious Minds

  Title: Suspicious Minds 
  Label: BMG 
  Catalog Number: 74321 693372  
  Release Date: 1999  
  Country:  Netherlands  
  Track Listing:   Suspicious Minds - Snowbird (alternate take)
This came out in 1999 , they came with three different cd singles from "Suspicious Minds" and this one is the thirth. This one is only released in the Netherlands. It came in a jewel case. This is also a limited edition , but we don't know how much there where pressed !




Elvis The Interviews

  Title: Elvis The Interviews 
  Catalog Number: None Listed !  
  Release Date: 1995  
  Country:  United Kingdom  
  Track Listing:   Intro (3:36) - Intro (1:07) - Charlie Walker Interview , San Antonio , Texas (09-19-56) - Intro (1:04) - Robert Carlton Brown , New York City , 03-24-56 (5:17).




Limited Edition Shape CD

  Title: Limited Edition Shape CD 
  Label: BMG / Eclipse 
  Catalog Number: (BMG) DRC12282 / Eclipse #: 64420-2  
  Release Date: 1998  
  Country: USA  
  Track Listing:   Hound Dog - Don't Be Cruel - All Shook Up - Jailhouse Rock
The first pressing was made in 1998 and is limited to 10,000 but it was a good selling product. In 1999 they made another 10,000 , also limited !

The inside of the box is lined in black velvet and (molded to fit) a shaped CD and CD stand. Hand numbered , this playable CD is shaped to Elvis' profile, certificate of authenticity !

Comes with a specially designed acrylic stand to display your Shaped CD Included is a specially covered black velvet 24 page booklet with extensive liner notes and rare photos of Elvis. 




Limited Edition Box Set

  Title: Limited Edition Box Set 
  Label: Collectables Records / RCA Special Product CD (BMG) 
  Catalog Number: COL-CD-0073  
  Release Date: 2000  
  Country: USA  
  Track Listing:   Disc One : Hound Dog
COL-CD-0801 / BMG# DRC1-2646


Disc Two : Don't Be Cruel
COL-CD-0802 / BMG# DRC1-2647


Disc Three : Are You Lonesome Tonight ?
COL-CD-0803 / BMG# DRC1-2649


Disc Four : Jailhouse Rock
COL-CD-0804 / BMG# DRC1-2648


Disc Five : Heartbreak Hotel
COL-CD-0805 / BMG# DRC1-2650


A wooden box with 5 Shape CDs. Limited to 5000 pieces. Includes a handnumbered "Certificate of Authenticity"




33 Answers To 33 Questions

  Title: 33 Answers To 33 Questions 
  Label: ElvisMatters Fanclub 
  Catalog Number: none listed !  
  Release Date: 2004  
  Country:  Belgium  
  Track Listing:   Interview disc only !
Free souvernir CD for visitors of the opening weekend of the ElvisMatters Shop in Belgium (4 & 5 December 2004) !




Elvis Unlimited

  Title: Elvis Unlimited 
  Label: Elvi Unlimited Fan-Shop 
  Catalog Number: none listed !  
  Release Date: 2004  
  Country:  Denmark  
  Track Listing:   Interview disc only !
Same disc as the ElvisMatters CD.




20th Anniversary

  Title: 20th Anniversary - Limited Editon 
  Label: Scopus Records 
  Catalog Number: none listed !  
  Release Date: ?  
  Country:  France  
  Track Listing:   Hayride recordings: Baby Let's Play House - Maybelline - That's Allright Mama - Blue Moon Of kentucky - Good Rockin' Tonight - I Got  A Woman - Tweedle Dee
Limited Edition of 10.0000




Tigerman In Vegas

  Title: Tigerman In Vegas 
  Label: It's Elvis Time Fanclub 
  Catalog Number: CD 2006-1 IET  
  Release Date: 2007  
  Country:  Netherlands  
  Track Listing:   Elvis' Karate Speech, recorded in August 30, 1974, Night Show 




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