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Raised On Country

Title: Raised On Country
Label: Silven
Label Number: COUCD338
Release Date:1998
Recording Type: Studio
Location: Studio
Date: Various
Sound: Soundboard !
 Track Listing: I'll Never Fall In Love Again (undubbed master) - I've Got A Feeling In My Body (undubbed master) - A Little Bit Of Green (acoustic acetate) - A Little Bit Of Green (undubbed master) - A Little Bit Of Green (alternate take) - Stranger In My Own Home Town (minus horns) - Just A Little Bit (acetate) - Little Cabin Home On The Hill (undubbed acetate) - I've Got Confidence (complete undubbed master) - That's What You Get For Loving Me (alternate) - Raised On Rock (acetate) - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (alternate) - Twenty Days And Twenty Nights (undubbed master) - Three Corn Patches (acetate) - Your Loves Been A Long Time Coming (acoustic mix) - Got My Mojo Workin / Keep Your Hands Off Her (minus vocal overdub) - Cindy Cindy (minus horns) - I Was Born About 10,000 Years Ago (undubbed jam session) - Seeing Is Believing (undubbed master) - It's Your Baby , You Rock It (alternate) - Tomorrow Never Comes (alternate) - Funny How Time Slips Away (alternate) - Faded Love (alternate).
Note:Difficult to find cd !