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Some Call It Folk

Some Call it Folk - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Some Call it Folk - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Some Call it Folk - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

Title: Some Call it Folk
Label: none listed
Label Number: none listed
Release Date: 2014
Recording Type: Various
Location: Various
Date: Various
Sound: Various
 Track Listing: 
01 Fools Rush In (unedited master)   02:54
02 Iím Leaviní (unedited master)   03:56
03 Tomorrow Is A Long Time (take 2)   05:20
04 Until Itís Time For You To Go (take 7)   03:57
05 Early Morning Rain (take 11)   03:04
06 I Will Be There (take 2)   01:43
07 Put Your Hand In The Hand (unedited master)   03:24
08 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (overdubbed master, different mix)   03:42
09 Snowbird (take 2   02:04
10 Itís Still Here (unedited master)   04:38
11 Help Me Make It Through The Night (take 3   03:05
12 Donít Think Twice, Itís Alright (take 2, edited)   03:56
13 Itís Only Love (unedited master)   02:49
14 (Thatís What You Get) For Loving Me (take 10)   02:19
15 500 Miles (home recording)   02:45
16 Blowiní In The Wind (home recording)   02:04
17 Iím Leaviní (live, 21/08/1974)   03:02
18 Early Morning Rain (live, 21/06/1977   01:50

Press announcement:
Elvisí 1970 Country album was a great idea, but itís a shame that with Elvisí interest in contemporary folk music he didnít release a ďFolkĒ themed album. For the May 1971 session Elvis had even used folk group The Nashville Edition as backing singers and selected some interesting songs to record.

However, from a marketing perspective we can hardly see an LP called Elvis Folk appealing to his fans in 1971, and letís face it Elvis wasnít recording what the general public would consider Folk. Instead the sound was more of a spontaneous ďunplugged acousticĒ feel as opposed to the more recent big ballads or soulful stew of the Memphis sessions. But stillÖ some call it folk.

Now for the very first time we finally have an Elvis ĎFolkí album. Housed in a stunning 3-panel digipack, this is a top notch Elvis CD release.