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Tiger Man , An Alternate Anthology Vol.9

Title: Tiger Man , An Alternate Anthology Vol.9
Label: Shake Records
Label Number: EPCD9
Release Date: 2007
Recording Type: Studio/live
Location: Various
Date: Various
Sound: Average Soundboard !
 Track Listing: 
01 Relax (take 12 & 13 - unedited master)    
02 Iím A Roustabout    
03 So Close Yet So Far (take 5)    
04 Who Are You (take 6)    
05 Five Sleepy Heads (take 3)    
06 Suppose (short version - take 7)    
07 Blue Suede Shoes (remix for "This Is Elvis")    
08 Jailhouse Rock (spliced version from '68 promo)    
09 Letís Forget About The Stars (undubbed master)    
10 In The Ghetto (mix)    
11 Itís Keep Right On A Hurtiní (mix)    
12 Who Am I (alternate mix)    
13 Youíll Think Of Me (single version)    
14 Letís Be Friends (undubbed master)    
15 Donít Cry Daddy (live)    
16 Iíve Lost You (live)    
17 Little Cabin Home On The Hill (undubbed master)    
18 Mary In The Morning (undubbed master)    
19 Iíll Never Know (undubbed master)    
20 Make The World Go Away (take 3)    
21 Rags To Riches (take 4)    
22 Fools Rush In (undubbed master)    
23 Itís Only Love (undubbed master)    
24 An American Trilogy (from "This Is Elvis")    
25 Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall (rough Cut mix)    
26 For The Heart (undubbed master)    
27 Blueberry Hill (live)        

Most material featured on this disc is available on other bootleg releases , still a nice collection of rarities !