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Elvis: The Cover Up

 Title:   Elvis: The Cover Up 
 Label:   Memory Records 
 Catalog Number:   MR 2040-2 
  Release Date:  August - 2004 
  Recording Type:  Live Audience Recordings / Interviews 
 Location:  various 
 Date:  1977 
 Sound:  Excellent - Very Good ! 
  Track listing: 
01 August 16th 1977: Introduction of Ginger Alden (Rapid City 21.06.1977) / Ginger Alden interview / Overview of last 12 hours of Elvis' life / Jerry Francisco press conference (Shelby County Medical Examiner)   7:33
02 I Really Don't Want To Know (Jacksonville 30.05.1977)   2:18
03 Cover-up: Maurice Elliot interview (spokesman for Baptist Memorial Hospital) / Dr. Noel Florindo interview (asst. doctor during autopsy)   3:39
04 The Truth Comes Out: Bio Science Laboratory test results / Dr. Jerry Francisco press conference #2 / Raymond Kelly interview (from Bio Science Laboratory) / Matthew Ellenhorn interview (toxicologist) / Cirol Wick interview (coroner / medical Examiner) / David Stanley interview (Elvis' stepbrother) / Ginger Alden interview (Elvis last girlfriend) / Ricky Stanley (Elvis' stepbrother) / W. S. Nash interview (pharmacist who filled Elvis' perscriptions)   11:20
05 Help Me (Lincoln 20.06.1977)   2:55
06 Geraldo Rivera asks why and who allowed this to happen to Elvis   0:38
07 Keeping an Eye on the King: John O'Grady interview (Elvis and Vernon's private detective) / Jack Kelly interview (private detective) / Dr. Max Shapiro interview (Elvis dentist also known as Dr. Feelgood) / Ricky Stanley interview   5:53
08 How Great Thou Art (Tempe 23.03.1977)   3:20
09 Dr. Nick speaks out: Dr. George Nichopoulos interview / Marty Lacker interview   3:47
10 Dr. Nick Again: Dr. George Nichopoulos interview / Jack Kirsch interview 2:13
11 Bridge Over Troubled Water (Binghampton 27.05.1977)   6:08
12 Proof of cover-up: W. J. Hampton Jr. interview (Expert on Elvis' 1977 tours)   2:56
13 Warning Signs: Conclusion of cover-up story / Barbara Childers interview (she found prescription bottle in Elvis' airplane's trash in February, 1977 while Elvis was performing in Charlotte, NC)   2:14
14 Unchained Melody (Lincoln 20.06.1977)   3:42
15 Famous People speak about Elvis: Carl Perkins interview / Al Green interview / Chet Atkins interview / Chuck Berry interview / Charlie Rich interview / Segments of Madison Square Garden press conference   4:56
16 More Famous People Speak about Elvis: Marianne McKinnis interview / Knox Phillips interview (Sam Phillips' son) / Elliot Clark interview / Floyd Cramer interview / Rufus Thomas interview (Black disk jockey) / J.D. Sumner interview   6:34
17 Hurt (Johnson City 19.02.1977)   3:42
18 Elvis' close friends speak: Richard Scates (Elvis Memphis Friend) / Willie Nichols (Elvis' Memphis friend) / Sonny West and Dave Hebler interview (Elvis' Bodyguards) regarding their book "Elvis What Happened" / Dr. Elias Ghanam interview / Sonny West interview / Marion Cocke interview (Elvis Nurse) / J.D. Sumner interview Sonny West Interview / David Stanley interview / My Way (excerpt, Orlando, 15.02.1977)   5:56