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Elvis Presley
Always On My Mind

  Always On My Mind - PCD1-5430 - USA 1991 Always On My Mind - PCD1-5430 - USA 1991
Release: 1991 BMG PCD1-5430   U.S.A. 15 €

NOTICE: This 1991 pressing was sold also as a BMG Music Club CD. To fill out orders, it was not unusual to take an ordinary release, put a white sticker over the barcode - and voila - we have a BMG Music Club CD, but without the usual BMG Music Service Catalog# starting with the letter D - and you could not return it for credit in a CD-shop.
Always On My Mind - PCD1-5430 - USA 1991 So far known matrix numbers for 1991 releases:

PCD1-5430 42T 14 
PCD1-5430 42T 16 
PCD1-5430 42T 24
PCD1-5430 42T 25

Separate Ways
Don't Cry Daddy
My Boy
Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall
Pieces Of My Life
I Miss You
It's Midnight
I've Lost You
You Gave Me A Mountain
Unchained Melody
Always On My Mind