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Elvis Presley
Something For Everybody

  Something For Everybody - Japan 1991 - BMG BVCP 2021 Something For Everybody - Japan 1991 - BMG BVCP 2021
Release: 1992 BMG BVCP 2021  Japan 25 €

Matrix number: BVCP-2021-A1F V

Something For Everybody - Japan 1991 - BMG BVCP 2021                        Obi - Something For Everybody - Japan 1991 - BMG BVCP 2021  Obi ¥2,000

There's Always Me
Give Me The Right
It's A Sin
Sentimental Me
Starting Today
I'm Coming Home
In Your Arms
Put The Blame On Me
I Want You With Me
I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell

ELVIS PRESLEY is that rare kind of artist in todays music world.
His appeal is so broad and so deep that it cuts through several age levels and through all areas of musical enjoyment. Young people like Elvis because he is young and he sings the songs they want to hear the way they want them sung. Jazzfans like Elvis because he has roots in the blues of the South and sings with such genuine and original bluesfeeling. Parents like Elvis because he has been successful without scandal and because his behaviour has been somethingfor their children to aim at. Moviefans like Elvis because he throws himseelf into his roles, and because they get an opportunity to view him singing the hits. In short, there's something for everybody in Elvis Presley.
This album is a perfect example of that idea. There´s something for everybody in either the ballad side or the rhythm side (although many listeners will find it difficult to choose their favourite side). Elvis has surrounded himself with an all-stargroup of musicians and singers. The Jordanaires are on hand, as are pianist Floyd Cramer, tenor sax man Boots Randolph, and guitarist Hank Garland.

The songs range from the blues to tender love ballads, with every stop in between. Elvis has even included I slipped, I stumbled, I fell from the Jerry Wald Production "Wild in the Country", a 20th Century-Fox Release in CinemaScope.
SOMETHING FOR EVRYBODY is another milestone in a great American career. It takes its place among the wonderful series of albums made by Elvis, all of which have become collectors' treasures.