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Elvis Presley
Elvis The King
18 Of The Greatest Singles Ever



To commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Elvis Presley's death (16th August, 1977), SonyBMG released another collector box with 18 CDs in vinyl replica art. Each week, beginning on August 13th, was published a limited and numbered CD single to build up the box set.
Each CD comes with an inner and an outer bag. The outer bag shows the original U.S. vinyl artwork, the inner bag the original U.K. vinyl artwork*.

* also available as a slimline box without vinyl replica card sleeves.


 Title:   Elvis The King - 18 Of The Greatest Singles Ever 
  Catalog Number:   88697121622  
  Country:  EU 
  Release Date:  2007-08-13 
 Title:   Heartbreak Hotel  
 Catalog Number:   88697121622  
  Release Date:   2007-08-13  
 Tracks:   Heartbreak Hotel
I Was The One
Heartbreak Hotel (take 6)
 Title:   Suspicious Minds  
 Catalog Number:   88697122372  
  Release Date:   2007-08-16  
 Tracks:   Suspicious Minds
You'll Think Of Me
Suspicious Minds (alternate take 7)
 Title:   Blue Suede Shoes  
 Catalog Number:   88697122382  
  Release Date:   2007-08-20  
 Tracks:   Blue Suede Shoes
Tutti Frutti
Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (alternate take 1)
 Catalog Number:      
  Release Date:   2007-08-27  
 Title:   Teddy Bear  
 Catalog Number:   88697124782  
  Release Date:   2007-09-03  
 Tracks:   (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
Loving You
Loving You (farm version, alternate take 6)
 Title:   Party  
 Catalog Number:   88697125142  
  Release Date:   2007-09-10  
 Tracks:   Party
Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do
Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do (movie master take 17)
 Title:   Don't  
 Catalog Number:   88697125152  
  Release Date:   2007-09-17  
 Tracks:   Don't
I Beg Of You
I Beg Of You (alternate take 5)
 Title:   Heard Headed Woman  
 Catalog Number:   88697125162  
  Release Date:   2007-09-24  
 Tracks:   Heard Headed Woman
Don't Ask Me Why
Steadfast, Loyal And True (undubbed master)
 Title:   King Creole  
 Catalog Number:   88697125172  
  Release Date:   2007-10-01  
 Tracks:   King Creole
Dixieland Rock
King Crole (alternate take 18)
 Title:   A Big Hunk O' Love  
 Catalog Number:   88697125182  
  Release Date:   2007-10-08  
 Tracks:   A Big Hunk O' Love
My Wish Came True
A Big Hunk O' Love (alternate take 1)
 Title:   Wear My Ring Around Your Neck  
 Catalog Number:   88697125192  
  Release Date:   2007-10-15  
 Tracks:   Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
Doncha' Think It's Time
Doncha' Think It's Time (alternate take 48)
 Title:   If I Can Dream  
 Catalog Number:   88697125202  
  Release Date:   2007-10-22  
 Tracks:   If I Can Dream
If I Can Dream (alternate take 1)
 Title:   Viva Las Vegas  
 Catalog Number:   88697125212  
  Release Date:   2007-10-29  
 Tracks:   Viva Las Vegas
What'd I Say
Viva Las Vegas (alternate takes 1, 2)
 Title:   In The Ghetto  
 Catalog Number:   88697125222  
  Release Date:   2007-11-05  
 Tracks:   In The Ghetto
Any Day Now
In The Ghetto (alternate take 3)
 Title:   You Don't Have To Say You Love Me  
 Catalog Number:   88697125232  
  Release Date:   2007-11-12  
 Tracks:   You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
Patch It Up
Patch It Up (alternate take 9)
 Title:   Always On My Mind  
 Catalog Number:   88697125242  
  Release Date:   2007-11-19  
 Tracks:   Always On My Mind
Separate Ways
Always On my Mind (alternate take 2)
 Title:   An American Trilogy  
 Catalog Number:   88697125252  
  Release Date:   2007-11-26  
 Tracks:   An American Trilogy
The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
An American Trilogy (Aloha version)
 Title:   Burning Love  
 Catalog Number:   88697125262  
  Release Date:   2007-12-03  
 Tracks:   Burning Love
It's A Matter Of Time
Burning Love (alternate take)