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Thank You...

MacLeod, Hans Slebos and Geert Hof (the former crew) for providing informations and scans for the bootleg pages.
Greg Cieslik from Canada for reviewing many Promo-CDs and supporting us in any way.
Peter Baumann (Austria), author of the famous books Elvis On CD Vol. 1 & 2, for supporting us in any way.
Scott Daughtry from the USA for reviewing bootleg CDs. You can find more reviews in his eBook "The Hidden Works Of The King".
Joachim Bernecker from Germany for correcting and updating concert CDs.
Ron Lacourse from Canada and Günter Scheuringer (R.I.P.) from Austria for  many, many cover scans.
Richard Brandt from Belgium and Peter van Bragt from The Netherlands for supporting the bootleg section

Special thanks to Yvonne Stübling from d.u.o for creating banners and screen-design for us.


Our "helping hands"  Hans Aarøe from Denmark
  Marko Aijo from Finland
  Michel Arseneault  from Canada
  Peter Bauman from Austria
  Peter van Bragt from The Netherlands
  Richard Brandt from Belgium
  Ingemar Breitenstein from Germany
  Andrei Cangea from Romania
  Tim Coil from the USA
  Iwan Dinmohamed from The Netherlands
  Luca Donadeo from Italy
  Harald Feucht from Germany
  Oliver Haker from Germany
  Gary Hibbs from Great Britain
  Graham Horder from Great Britain
  Geert Jagers from The Netherlands
  Gunnar Jensen from Norway
  Ron Kamstra from The Netherlands
  Bjørn Knudsen from Norway
  Thijs Lakens from The Netherlands
  Ron Lacourse from Canada
  Thomas Mader from Austria
  Andy Markou from Germany
  Barry Mclean from Canada
  Andre Mester from Germany
  Tomek Michalczyk from Poland
  Evan Mueller from Australia
  Bob Pakes from The Netherlands
  Jean Michel Scesa from France
  Arnout Oostenbrink from The Netherlands
  Martin Schardinger from Austria
  Günter Scheuringer () from Austria
  Zenon Schneider from Poland
  Gabrielle Scollo from Italy
  Salvatore Sgambati from Italy
  Piotr Soczynski from Poland
  Herbert Steiner from Switzerland
  Ronny Thomas from The Netherlands
  Tjeerd Timmerman from The Netherlands
  David Ward from Japan
  Roberto Zanetti from Italy

Many thanks also to the donators which help to keep alive.

                                                                                                        Thanks to all, Stephan & Aksel

Some information were taken from the books

Peter Baumann

Elvis On CD 1984 - 1992
Elvis On CD Vol. 2
Dale Hampton

For CD Fans Only - 2nd Edition