Catalog Updates 2006:
December 27 2006 Listed the FTD-CDs " His Hand In Mine " and "Writing For The King"
December 25 2006 Added the bootleg "The American Way" to th import list.
December 10 2006 Listed the german release "Einfach das Beste" in the BMG catalog.
December 7 2006 Listed the new CD "Christmas Wishes" (Tchibo) in the BMG catalog.
December 2 2006 Added the new Bootleg "Patch It Up" to the import corner.
Listed "Gold Award für Elvis Presley" in the BMG catalog.
November 19, 2006 Listed brandnew promos from Thailand in the Promo Corner.
November 14, 2006 Another beauty for the "Worldwide Rareties" section, sent from Andy Markou: "The King Of Rock & Roll - Dick Clark's American Bandstand"
November 11, 2006 Guenter Scheuringer sent us a very special CD: The pure Gold-CD "The Best Of Elvis Presley - It´s Now Or Never", aurodisc-release.
November 6, 2006 Listed the 2006 release "Elvis Christmas" and the the 3 CD Box "Elvis Presley Vol. 2" (thanks to Guenter Scheuringer) in the BMG catalog.
November 4, 2006 The Madison CD "Holding Down The Fort" was listed in the bootleg section.
November 1, 2006 Listed the Follow That Dream CD "Let Yourself Go!"
October 27, 2006 Listed the 3 CD Box "Elvis Presley Vol. 1" and "Elvis Presley x2 - NBC TV Special / Aloha From Hawaii" in the BMG section. Thanks to Guenter Scheuringer.
October 26, 2006 "The Complete Million Dollar Quartet" was added to the BMG catalog. Thanks to Herbi Steiner (EU release) and Ron Lacourse (release from Canada)
October 14, 2006 Listed the CDs "You'll Never Walk Alone" and "Let's Be Friends" in the BMG catalog.
October 7, 2006 Added the australian CD "Rock 'n' Roll Hero" to the BMG catalog.
September 26, 2006 Listed the bootleg "Chaos In College Park".
September 17, 2006 Listed the Fort Baxter CD "Shakin' Up The Great Lakes" in the Import Corner. Thanks to Herbert Steiner.
September 17, 2006 The new section "Unauthorised" was opened. Here we will try to list all reputed BMG CDs and CD-Rs.
The bootleg "Greatest Moments In Music" was added to the Import Corner.
Listed the Promo CD "Legend , Movie Star , The King"
August 25, 2006 The new releases "elvis moves", "Elvis r&b" and "Elvis live" were listed in the BMG catalog
August 18, 2006 Listed the rare CD "Blue Hawaii - That's Glorious Movie Themes" in the BMG catalog. Thanks to Andy Markou for the scans.
August 11, 2006 Added the new CD "Nur das Beste" to the BMG catalog.
August 6, 2006 Listed the new bootleg CD from the Memory label "At The Top Of The Game".
August 5, 2006 Rebuild the "Wurlitzer Jukebox Highlights CDs" with new pictures. Thanks to Claude Fleckstein from Germany.
August 1, 2006 More versions of "Elvis Golden Records 1" were listed in the BMG catalog. Thanks to Aksel Bøving. Also for the south-african release of "Elvis Presley 2005".
Listed also the bootlegs "Tiger Man , An Alternate Anthology Vol.2 & Vol.3".
July 31, 2006 The bootlegs "The Sound Of Vegas 1", "In The Early Morning Rain",  "Live In Las Vegas" and "Live From Fort Wayne" was added to the import section.
July 30, 2006 Listed the bootleg "Going Back In Time".
July 27, 2006 Listed the latest FTD-releases: "Clambake", Elvis Presley SE" and "I Found My Thrill".
Listed the bootleg "Let It Roll".
July 25, 2006 The japanese box "Unchained Melody" (Eternal Elvis) was listed in the BMG catalog. Thanks to Günter Scheuringer for the scans.
July 9, 2006 The Promo CDR section was updated.
Listed the bootleg CD "Happy Days - That's The Way It Is Rehearsels".
June 25, 2006 The Promo CDR section was updated.
June 23, 2006 Aksel Bøving sent us some Gospel-CDs from South-Africa "Gospel Favorites - Take My Hand", "How Great Thou Art" and "His Hand In Mine".
June 22, 2006 Listed the 3 CD box "Elvis Presley", France 2001, in the BMG catalog. Thanks to Aksel Bøving.
June 18, 2006 The bootleg CD "The Vegas Years Volume 1" was listed in the import corner.
June 16, 2006 The bootleg CD "Closing Night"  added to the import corner.
June 1, 2006 Listed various releases of "Elvis" (1984) in the BMG Catalog. Thanks to Aksel Bøving.
May 28, 2006 Listed the bootleg CDs "Tennessee Starlight" and "And I Love You So - The King Rocks Milwaukee" in the Import Catalog.
May 12, 2006 "One Night Only !" was added to the bootleg section.
May 12, 2006 Listed the new BMG CDs "Elvis Sings Flaming Star" & "Almost In Love". Thanks to Herbert Steiner for the scans.
May 6, 2006 Added the bootleg CD "A Thunder In The Night" to the import catalog.
April 30, 2006 New in the BMG Catalog: "Blue Hawaii" - Germany 1993, "Always On my Mind" - Germany 1988 and "Elvis In Nashville" - Japan 1988
April 29, 2006 Listed three more CD sent by Aksel Bøving: "Elvis 56" from Japan, "Elvis Is Back!" from Canada and the Columbia Club CD "DF - Easy Come, Easy Go / Speedway"
April 24, 2006 Listed "Made In Memphis" and "Something For Everybody" in the Follow That Dream section
April 23, 2006 Listed two more Promo CDRs and updated the German Club Edition CD "Flaming Star"
April 22, 2006 Aksel Bøving sent us the "Elvis At Sun" from Australia and from Japan for the BMG Catalog.
March 31, 2006 The bootleg CD "Setting The Standard" was listed. Also one more Promo-CDr from the U.K "Ultimate Gospel" and in the Rareties Section a test pressing from "Live In las Vegas"
March 31, 2006 Listed the madison CD "Al Legendary Performer Vol.8" in the bootleg section.
March 27, 2006 Aksel Bøving sent us different releases of "Today", "NBC Special, "His Hand In Mine". "Blue Hawaii", "Back In memphis" and "How Great Thou Art"
March 23, 2006 Opened a new section with "Reader's Digest" CDs. Thanks to Ron Lacourse for his support.
March 21, 2006 "Elvis rock", "Elvis gospel" and "Elvis inspirational" listed in the BMG catalog.
March 15, 2006 The CD "Elvis Presley - Blue Suede Shoes" from France was listed in the BMG Catalog. Thanks to Ron Lacourse.
Aksel Bøving sent us scans of the Columbia pressing "Double Features - Spinout & Double Trouble"
March 12, 2006 A new section: You can now find promotional CDRs in the Promos Corner.
March 9, 2006 Received from Andy Markou the ultra-rare Special Product CD "Love Me Tender" for the BMG Catalog.
March 8, 2006 Added the australian CD "Christmas Wishes" to the BMG Catalog.
March 6, 2006 Listed the brasilian CD single "Always On My Mind" in the BMG Catalog. Thanks to Ron Lacourse.
Listed also the single from The Netherlands "Love Me Tender".
March 1, 2006 Hans Aarøe sent us a USA release of "How Great Thou Art" and Thijs Lakens sent us "Always Elvis 2 - King Of Belgium" for the BMG catalog.
February 27, 2006 Listed in the BMG catalog : "Rock 'n' Roll Graffiti" and the european release of the "Heartbreak Hotel" single.
Listed in the Promo Corner was the brasilian promo "Rubberneckin'".
February 17, 2006 The new Memory releases "The Lightning Storm In Florida" and "Better Than Ever" were added to the bootleg catalog.
February 13, 2006 Listed the danisch CD "Elvis Presley - Classic" in the BMG Catalog.
February 13, 2006 Ron Lacourse sent us the new "Heartbreak Hotel" single fo the BMG Catalog.
February 9, 2006 Aksel Bøving sent us "The EssentialCollection" EU pressing and Ron Lacourse the 1989 pressing from Germany "For LP Fans Only"
February 7, 2006 Listed the Bootlegs "Elvis Goes El Paso" and "Elvis Best". Also new CD for the BMG Catalog: "Best Of Artist Of The Century" (France), "The Essential Collection" (England 1994) and the first pressing of the Elvis Presley Double Box from France.
February 6, 2006 "From The Heart", different german release, and "Rocker", USA 1984 release, were listed in the BMG Catalog.
February 4, 2006 Listed the box "Elvis #1 Singles" in the BMG Catalog.
Received from Barry McLean the "2nd To None" vietnam relase.
January 28, 2006 Listed various "Aloha From Hawaii" CDs in the BMG Cataslog. Thanks to Aksel Bøving.
January 27, 2006 Added the Golden Pops Magazine CD "Elvis Presley Special" to the BMG Catalog
January 22, 2006 The brasilian release of "Golden Records 1 - remastered" was listed in the BMG Catalog. Thanks to Aksel Bøving.
Listed "Last Tangoe In Tahoe" in the Import Corner. Thanks to Herbi Steiner.
January 21, 2006 Listed the colombian CD Box "Lo Maximo De" in the BMG Catalog.
January 18, 2006 "Loving You" and "Southern Nights" was added to the FTD section
January 12, 2006 Aksel Bøving send us various "Elvis For Everyone" CDs for the BMG Catalog.
January 9, 2006 The 1994 relase of "Elvis Country" was listed in the BMG Catalog. Thanks to Ron Lacourse.

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