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3'' CDs

Here can you find the three inch Elvis Presley CD singles
The original CD single (sometimes mini CD single or 3-inch CD or CD3 in the US) is a music single released on a mini Compact Disc that measures 8 cm (3.1 in) in diameter, rather than the standard 12 cm (4.7 in).
They are manufactured using the same methods as standard full-size CDs, and can be played in most standard audio CD players and CD-ROM disc drives.

  Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel (3" CD) - Austria 1989 - BMG PD 49467

 Title: Original Hit Singles Featuring - Heartbreak Hotel 
  Catalog Number: BMG PD 49467  
  Country: UK  
  Release Date: February 1989  
  Track Listing:   Heartbreak Hotel - I Was The One - Don't Be Cruel (To A Heart That's True) - Hound Dog
  Note:  Worldwide Elvis' very first 3" compact disc !  


  Kiss Me Quick

Kiss Me Quick (3" CD) - Hong Kong 1989 - BMG 2.11008

 Title: Kiss Me Quick (21st Anniversary Issue Vol.1) 
  Catalog Number: BMG 2.11008  
  Country: Hong Kong  
  Release Date: March 1989  
  Track Listing:   Kiss Me Quick - Suspicious Minds - Blue Christmas - Mean Woman Blues (undubbed version).
  Note:  It's a great , rare cd single from Hong Kong ! They brought it out to celebrate the 21ste anniversary of the "International Elvis Presley Fan Club" from Hong Kong !  



  For Ever Big Rock
Front inlay only in the slimline juwelcase The 3" discThe 3" disc in the belonging CD adaptor
 Title: For Ever Big Rock 
  Catalog Number: ARC C-3 / R-390064  
  Country: Japan  
  Release Date: 1989  
  Track Listing:   Hound Dog - Heartbreak Hotel - Love Me Tender - Jailhouse Rock - Don't Be Cruel - Are You Lonesome Tonight ? - I Need Your Love Tonight - Can't Help Falling In Love.

NoticeFor years we thought this CD was a BMG/Japan release. Now we know surely it is not.

Back in the '80s and '90s, copyright laws weren't so strict in Japan, so companies like ARC were able to legally release compilations of Elvis' big hits with very low production costs.
The CD is made by the Japanese company ARC, and has nothing to do with RCA/BMG Japan.

Info: David Ward



  Mystery Train

 Title: Mystery Train 
  Catalog Number: BMG R10D-134  
  Country: Japan  
  Release Date: 1989  
  Track Listing:   Mystery Train - Blue Moon
An original 3" cd single from Japan with 2 tracks taken from the movie : "Mystery Train".



  One Night With You

 Title: One Night With You 
  Catalog Number: BMG PD 43381  
  Country: Netherlands  
  Release Date: 1989  
  Track Listing:   One Night With You - Guitar Man
An original 3" cd single from The Netherlands. Disc was printed in Germany.


  A Little Less Conversation - Elvis vs JXL

 Title: Elvis vs JXL 
  Catalog Number: BMG 786360555 2  
  Country: Venezuela  
  Release Date: 2002  
  Track Listing:   Elvis vs JXL Radio Edit Remix - Elvis vs JXL 12" Extended Remix - Elvis Presley A Little Less Conversation

An original 3" cd single from Venezuela.


  Lid Rock - 2nd To None


 Title: Lid Rock - 2nd To None 
  Catalog Number: BMG VR 2240   
  Country: USA - discs made in Hong Kong   
  Release Date: 2003  
  Track Listing:   Blue Suede Shoes - Trouble - Bonus Elvis Video: A Little Less Conversation. 

On October 3, 2003 one of the greatest promotional Elvis RCA/BMG publicity stunts debuted. On that day and that day only if you went to a Regal movie theater in the United States and purchased a large beverage you would have gotten one of two different picture disc CDs in the lid of the container.

Both discs feature the same material - only the picture side is different.

This is the last 3'' single release by BMG !


  Janis And Elvis

Janis and Elvis - 3 inch CD - Elvis Presley CD  Janis and Elvis - 3 inch CD - Elvis Presley CD Janis and Elvis - 3 inch CD - Elvis Presley CD

 Title: Janis And Elvis 
  Catalog Number:

Elvis Corner  T-31077

  Country: Netherlands  
  Release Date: 2007  
  Track Listing:   1. Elvis Presley – I´m Left, You´re Right She´s Gone
2. Janis Martin – Ooby-Dooby
3. Elvis Presley – Milk Cow Blues Boogie
4. Janis Martin – Let´s Elope Baby
5. Elvis Presley – Baby Let´s Play House
6. Janis Martin – One More Year To Go
7. Elvis Presley – You´re A Heartbreaker
8. Janis Martin – Barefoot Baby
9. Janis Martin – My Boy Elvis (bonus track)
The Dutch "Elvis Corner" shop celebrates it's second anniversary on June 9, 2007. Part of the celebration is a 3 inch (8 CM) CD in a jewel case reissue of the "Janis and Elvis" EP, only available June 9th. All customers who buy over 10 Euro receive a free copy.


  Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley - 3 inch CD - Elvis Presley CD  Elvis Presley - 3 inch CD - Elvis Presley CD Elvis Presley - 3 inch CD - Elvis Presley CD

 Title: Elvis Presley 
  Catalog Number:

Elvis Corner  CML 3012

  Country: Netherlands  
  Release Date: 2009  
  Track Listing:   1. Don’t Be Cruel
2. Milkcow Blues Boogie
3. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
4. My Baby Left Me
5. Money Honey
6. I Forgot To Remember to Forget
7. Hound Dog
8. Just Because

To celebrate their 4th anniversary, the Dutch “Elvis Corner” shop re-issued an old 10-inch EP from Chile on a 3-inch CD. Customers who bought over 15 Euro on June 13, 2009, got the CD for free. The CD was only available that day.