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 Title:  I'll Be Home For Christmas 
 Catalog Number: none listed 
 Matrix Number:  LINX-ELVIS 01 
 Year: 1999 
 Description: Contents : I’ll Be Home For Christmas.

Issued in 1999 by BMG and Elvis Presley Enterprised Inc.

This third CD in the series was sent out by the Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. to fan club presidents all over the world for the 1999 Christmas season. The CD is packaged in a glossy cardboard picture sleeve. The front cover features a full color photo shot of Elvis from 1957 overimposed on the winter Graceland scene. The title of the CD is printed along the top of the front cover. The rear of the sleeve shows us a picture of Graceland during winter along with 4 Cadillacs parked in front. At the top of the rear sleeve , the following phrase is printed in green / yellow color : “1999 Seasons Greetings from your friends at Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprises , Inc.”. The disc itself is red with silver print. The title of the release is printed at the top of the CD. Also , a replica of Elvis’ signature is printed under the title. At the bottom of the CD , in large letters the following phrase is printed : “1999 Seasons Greetings - Elvis Presley’s Graceland”. On the right side of the disc , it states : “Special thanks to RCA Records”. In addition , a glossy paper insert which includes a message signed by Priscilla and Lisa Marie is included. Only around 600 copies of this release have been pressed. Again , technically this is not a bona-fide promo CD since it is not promoting any particular commercial CD. However , it is very rare and unique among Elvis collectors !
On the greetings card is a message from Pricilla And Lisa Marie Presley :

To all the Elvis fans club leaders and members worldwide , we send our very best wishes and sincere appreciation this holiday season and always. As the twentieth century draws to a close , it is deeply gratifying to see Elvis' contribution to our music and culture, and to so many peoples' lives , recieving meaningfull recognation. Your tireless effort to perpetuate his legacy has been immeasurably important in this century as we know it will prove to be in the next. Elvis Presley truly deserves to be known as Artist of the Century and he has always deserved to have you , the Fans of the Century , ever present on his behalf. Here's looking forward to many great times together.