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Aloha From Randers via Vaerket


  Title: Aloha From Randers via Vaerket 
  Label: Elvis Unlimited Denmark 
  Catalog Number: EUProductions 05003  
  Release Date: 2003  
  Country:  Denmark  
  Track Listing:   1) His Latest Flame (Taggy Tones)
2) Aloha Press Converence, Las Vegas, 1972, September 5
3) Burning Love (Taggy Tones)
4) Aloha Press Conference, Honolulu, 1972, November 20
5) Tonight Is All Right For Love (Maarten Jansen)
6) Excerpts from "Elis N.Y. '72" CD
7) Excerpts from the "Press Conference, Vol. 2" CD
8) Excerpts from "Reading Of The Diary" CD

  Notes:  Souvenir gift for the Elvis Unlimited fanclub convention in April 2003.