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Come And Get Me

  Title: Come And Get Me 
  Label: EFE Productions 
  Catalog Number: None Listed !  
  Release Date: 1999  
  Country:  Netherlands  
  Track Listing:  Elvis Taks About His Show (Houston, 1970-02-27) - Elvis Talks About His Career (Las Vegas, 1969-08-21) - Tweedle Dee (1954-12-18) - The Image, The Man ... (New York, 1972-06-02) - I Got A Woman (1956-05-16) - The Aloha Interview - Arlene Calling Elvis -
A Better Human Being
This shape cd was given at the Elvis For Everyone convention on June 6 - 1999 and is limited to 500 copies.
If you have the luck than you can also find a copie of this one with the autograph from "Al Dvorin" who was also at this convention !