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Elvis For Everyone

  Title: Elvis For Everyone - 21 December 2002 
  Label: Elvis For Everyone 
  Catalog Number: EFE Promo 2002  
  Release Date: 2002  
  Country:  Netherlands  
01 Press Conference Houston Texas, 1970-02-27    
02 Press Conference New York, 1972-06-09    
03 Press Conference  Las Vegas, 1972-09-05    
04 Tony Price talks with Elvis, 1973    
05 DJ Tony Price Interview    
06 Elvis' Suite Hilton Hotel (1973)    
07 "Singer" Commercial    
08 Elvis' Speech: Ten Outstanding Men of America    
09 Christmas Message from Elvis    
10 Christmas Souvenir Announcement    
11 Elvis' New Year Speech (New Years Eve 1975)    
Talking Album only.

The first EFE promo cd was given away on an Elvis Christmas meeting from the dutch Elvis For Everyone fanclub. The cd has not a volume 1 mark or something, but this is the first one! (source: EFE)