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The Best Of British - The RCA Years 1957-1958

The Best Of British - The RCA Years 1957-1958 - FTD Book The Best Of British - The RCA Years 1957-1958 - FTD Book The Best Of British - The RCA Years 1957-1958 - FTD Book Zoom

Title: Elvis - The Best Of British - The RCA Years 1957-1958
Label: Follow That Dream (FTD Books)
Catalog number: 506020-975081 , Sony Music
Matrix: IFPI LB45 arvato 55883337/ELVISBOB 21  IFPI 0797
Release date: 09/2014
Playing time: 68:55
Recording type: Studio
Location:: Various
Date:  Various
Track listing: 
First RCA Single (RCA-1013): July 1957        
01 (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear       01:48
02 Loving You       02:13
Soundtrack Selection Of Magical Movie Moments        
03 Loving You (movie trailer)       01:11
04 Road Medley (Party / Teddy Bear / Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do / Hot Dog)       02:02
05 Mean Woman Blues (unedited stereo master)       02:20
06 Party (alternate movie lyrics)       01:13
07 Lonesome Cowboy (composite)       03:05
08 Jailhouse Rock (movie trailer)       02:03
09 Jailhouse Rock (movie production version)       02:57
10 Treat Me Nice (Laurel 101 - Take One)       02:05
11 Don't Leave Me Now - (Everett demo #2 - Take One)       01:28
12 Young And Beautiful - (movie end version)       02:20
13 King Creole (movie trailer)       02:31
14 Turtles, Berries And Gumbo / Crawfish (unedited movie opening medley)       04:09
15 Steadfast Loyal And True - (movie dialogue version)       00:44
16 Lover Doll (EP version)       02:13
17 New Orleans (live nightclub version)       01:59
The RCA Singles        
18 Doncha' Think Its Time (singles master)       01:58
19 Don't       02:48
20 I Beg Of You       01:53
21 Wear My Ring Around Your Neck       02:14
Sun Recordings: First Issued On Rca In 1958        
22 I Love You Because (RCA LP version)       02:43
23 You're A Heartbreaker       02:10
24 I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin')       02:25
Bonus Tracks: Songwriter Demo Recordings        
25 Teddy Bear (Vocal: Otis Blackwell)       01:58
26 Don't Ask Me Why (Vocal: Jimmy Breedlove)       02:03
27 Trouble (Singer unknown)       02:05
28 Hard Headed Woman (Vocal: Jimmy Breedlove)       02:02
29 Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (Vocal: Gus Coletti)       02:10
Christmas Songs: Issued On All Three Formats (45rpm, EP & LP)        
30 Santa Bring My Baby Back       01:53
31 Santa Claus Is Back In Town       02:24
32 Interview Elvis in Germany (October 1st 1958 and June 15, 1959, part.)       01:31
33 Elvis' Answer Machine       00:17
Notes:   510 page hardcover book (30.5cm x 25.5cm) including 1 CD.

Press note:
This is Elvis, the 'Best Of British : The RCA Years 1957-1959' is the continuation of the British story now detailing his RCA releases from 1957 - 1958. This book and CD release is a follow-up companion to the critically acclaimed and highly successful 'Elvis: The Best Of British - The HMV Years', [now sold out with just a few copies remaining] this book contains the full history of over FIFTY iconic Elvis songs initially released by RCA in Great Britain. Again, each song has been thoroughly researched to the same high standards and is graphically catalogued.

Containing over 1000 illustrations, unpublished photographs and charts, together with rare items of memorabilia, this volume of 'The RCA Years' moves the story forward to explicitly reveal previously unknown facts and additional British connections to the songs.

Within these 500 pages and amongst many formerly unknown fascinating facts, you will discover:

The English pub that inspired an Elvis song! Exactly where and when Elvis learned to play piano! The real life characters contained within the lyrics of Jailhouse Rock!

The CD included with this book features many first-time officially released Elvis tracks. Here, amongst his classic songs, are the songwriters' demo recordings as Elvis first heard them, plus the message he recorded on his home answer machine!

'The RCA Years (1957 - 1958)' chronicles the meteoric rise in Great Britain of the 'Sun King' to the man who would ultimately be crowned 'Artist Of The 20th Century'.

   Note from the author:
After the important ground work had been done by that most British of record companies His Master's Voice, it was down to the UK branch of the Decca Record Company to continue with the distribution of Elvis Presley Records in Great Britain. When HMV lost the rights to represent RCA Victor's biggest recording star they must have thought that the company's profitability would suffer dramatically.

The full story of the HMV label and the work undertaken to promote Elvis Presley was told in my book, Elvis: The Best Of British. The HMV Years (1956 -1958). This new book covers the years 1957 and 1958 as it continues to tell the fascinating tale of how Decca Records initially established the RCA label and built on the earlier groundbreaking successes of the wonderful Walter Ridley at HMV. (© Trevor Simpson - elvisthebestofbritish.co.uk visit website)

Extra note: 

On the CD label is an error. There is printed: "The HMV Years..." instead of "The RCA Years..."

The Best Of British - The RCA Years 1957-1958 - FTD Book

Elvis' answering-machine message (track 33) is a fake, edited together from The Truth About Me interview outtakes of August 22, 1956. (source: ElvisInfoNet)