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Desert Storm - first pressing

Desert Storm Desert Storm Desert Storm Desert Storm

 Title: Desert Storm 
 Label:Fort Baxter 
 Label Number: 2200 
 Release Date:1997 
 Recording Type:Live Soundboard Recording 
 Location:Las Vegas , Nevada 
 Date:September 2 - 1974 , Closing 
 Sound:Soundboard ! 
  Track Listing:  
  CD 1:        
01 Microphone Dialogue   03:03
02 I Got a Woman / Amen   06:43
03 Karate Dialogue   01:11
04 Untill It's Time For You To Go   03:32
05 If You Love Me (Let Me Know)   02:48
06 It's Midnight   03:13
07 Big Boss Man   02:42
08 You Gave Me a Mountain   03:41
09 Priscilla Dialogue   06:02
10 Softly As I Leave You   02:56
11 Hound Dog   02:02
12 An American Trilogy   03:55
13 It's Now Or Never   02:30
  CD 2:        
01 Band Introductions   08:32
02 Bringing It Back (sung by Voice)   02:58
03 Aubrey (sung by Voice, Elvis recites the words)   03:43
04 Band & Celebrity Introductions (Vikki Carr and Bill Cosby)     04:21
05 It's Now Or Never   02:39
06 Let Me Be There   03:40
07 If You Talk In Your Sleep   03:33
08 Drugs Dialogue   05:10
09 Hawaiian Wedding Song   02:04
10 Jewelry Dialogue   02:21
11 Can't Help Falling In Love   01:37
12 Closing Vamp   00:12
   Truly one of the most unique moments of Elvis' life ever captured on tape. Apparently the tabloids printed a story about Elvis being a heroin addict , and Elvis took offense to the story in a BIG way. Usually a closing engagement show is a special thing , with a lot of celebrities in the crowd , a longer setlist, Elvis in a great mood, etc. Certainly there are some interesting song choices here, but the most interesting moments occur on disc 2 with the infamous "Drug Monologue".

The "Drug Monologue" has been widely bootlegged since the 1980's vinyl releases. It was surprising that a soundboard release of this infamous show surfaced.

The sound engineer didn't record "2001", "See See Rider" and part of "I Got A Woman"; he also cut out Voice performing a beautiful song titled "I Can't Live Without you". However , the non-soundboard bootleg release "Drug Story" features the complete show.

"Bringing It Back" and "Aubrey" are performed by Voice

A lot of celebrities in the audience , to include Priscilla (of whom Elvis talks about the car gift-exchange for the holidays) , Elvis' current girlfriend Shiela Ryan and others.

The only show on tape where Elvis performed two full versions of "It's Now Or Never"

The "Drug Monologue" gets pretty graphic in language and Elvis tries to contain his fury but can't; it is obvious that he is very upset about the tabloid , and even seguing into "Hawaiian Wedding Song" he still can't calm down enough until midway through the song.

  Sound Sample:  Big Boss Man
  Concert: Even though the show is marred by Elvis' temper , it is still a high energy show and surprisingly good and is a fairly long show. The crowd definitely got their money's worth that evening ! (Ciscoking) 

Desert Storm - second pressing

 Title: Desert Storm 
 Label:Fort Baxter 
 Label Number: 2200 
 Release Date:1997 
 Recording Type:Live Soundboard 
 Location:Las Vegas , Nevada 
 Date:September 2 - 1974 , Closing 
 Sound:Soundboard ! 
 Difference:  Colors are more brightly on the second release. The inner side of the backover is blank, on first release it is printed on both sides.
Content is the same.