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From Burbank To Vegas

From Burbank To Vegas - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD From Burbank To Vegas - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD From Burbank To Vegas - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

 Title: From Burbank To Vegas 
 Label Number: M-6872 
 Release Date:1991 
 Recording Type: Rehearsals / Live Soundboard Recordings 
 Location:Burbank - California , Las Vegas - Nevada 
 Date:June ?? - 1968 / 14 - 17 February - 1972 
 Sound: Various 
  Track Listing:  
01 I Got A Woman   02:50
02 Blue Moon /Young Love / Happy Day   01:28
03 Guitar Man   00:55
04 When It Rains It Really Pours   02:40
05 Blue Christmas   03:39
06 Are You Lonesome Tonight / That's My Desire   03:18
07 That's When Your Heartaches Begin   00:24
08 Baby, What's wrong / Peter Gunn   01:55
09 Love Me   01:53
10 When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again   01:52
11 Blue Christmas / Santa Claus Is Back In Town   03:04
12 An American Trilogy   04:40
13 Never Been To Spain   03:41
14 You Gave Me A Mountain   03:18
15 A Big Hunk O' Love   02:05
16 It's Impossible   03:08
17 The Impossible Dream   02:41
18 It's Over   02:28
 Note:  Tracks 1 -11 recorded 1968 at the Burbank Studios, Hollywood
Tracks 12 - 18  recorded live in Las Vegas, February 14 - 17 - 1972
   Recorded on a personal tape recorder in the dressing room of the infamous Burbank , Ca studio. Joe Esposito owns another tape recorded in the same fashion from a different date , and BMG has released some songs from this date.

First released on the vinyl release "Elvis Rocks And The Girls Roll" , to date, this is the only cd release to have this material in it's entirety. It is unknown if more material from this rehearsal session exist from the same master tape.

Elvis is very relaxed in this environment , quickly going through songs that were to have been included in the televised special. Several of the Memphis Mafia are in attendance , helping add a "loose" environment for Elvis to experiment in.

Tracks 17 -23 have been released on numerous bootleg releases since the 1980's - these soundboard songs were to have been released on a RCA album titled "Standing Room Only" in 1972 , but the announcement of Elvis playing Madison Square Garden in June quickly killed that pending release.

The front cover is taken from Elvis' acceptance speech at the Jaycees "Outstanding Young Men Of America" award ceremony , which is from 1971 - kind of misleading , since the speech is not on the disc !