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The Legend Live

The Legend Lives - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD The Legend Lives - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD The Legend Lives - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

Title:   Elvis - The Legend Live - Volume VII
Label:   European Kings Club
Label Number:   none
Release Date:   1991
Recording Type:   Live Soundboard Recordings
Location:   Greensboro , North Carolina
Date:   April 14 - 1972, 8:30PM
Sound:   Soundboard
Track Listing:
01 See See Rider   03:05
02 Proud Mary   02:48
03 Never Been To Spain   03:37
04 You Gave Me A Mountain   03:20
05 Until It's Time For You To Go   02:43
06 Polk Salad Annie   02:55
07 Love Me   01:44
08 All Shook Up   01:08
09 Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel   01:56
10 Hound Dog   01:35
11 Heartbreak Hotel   01:53
12 A Big Hunk O' Love   02:07
13 Bridge Over Troubled Water   04:15
14 Suspicious Minds   04:50
15 Love Me Tender   01:46
16 For The Good Times   03:10
17 An American Trilogy   04:15
18 Burning Love   02:36
19 Release Me   02:32
20 Funny How Time Slips Away   02:45
21 Can't Help Falling In Love   02:19

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The Legend Lives - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

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Sound Sample: Hound Dog
Concert: Before released as complete recording on "Sweet Carolina". See comments there.