Elvis Presley Bootleg CDs

Concert CDs FAQ


OS:   Opening Show - 8.15 pm (or at times 10.00 pm)
DS:   Dinner Show - 8.15 pm (Cocktail Show - 10.00 pm, Las Vegas Dec.1975/76)
MS:   Midnight Show - 12.00 am
CS:   Closing Show - 12.00 am (equal to MS)
AS:   Afternoon Show - 2.30 pm (or at times 3.00 pm)
ES:   Evening Show - 8.30 pm


Recording types:
MT:   Multritrack recording:
Professional recording with a multitrack recorder which allows to record different audio channels. The sound quality is perfect. Always stereo.
MT recordings are untypical for bootleg releases.
SB:   Soundboard recording:
Directly recorded from the soundboard with professional equipment. These recordings aren't made for commercial release, so the focus can be set on voice or instruments.
SR:   Soundbooth Recording (SR):
An audience recording made with 2 mikes from a place near the stage to obtain best sound.
It creates a stereo effect and captures the atmosphere of a "live" recording in a special way. The sound is usually very good considering the source. The term was created by fans to describe this recording format. It is not officially used.
These kind of recordings were also done professionally by members of the band or sound engineers right on the stage ("soundbooth", perhaps the term springs from that) as paper work proves.
AR:   Audience recording:
Recorded with a tape recorder from the audience during the show.


Sound ratings:
The sound ratings are subjective, as they originate from one individual only.
For your own evaluation we will over time make song excerpts available.
  Professional recorded with a multi track recorder that allows the separate recording of multiple sound sources. The recording sounds like it was made in the studio.
  Recorded inline from the mixing table. Elvis‘ voice and instrumentation can be heard crystal clear. Hardly audience noise. Always mono.
  Voice is in the foreground. Instrumentation well-balanced and clearly audible.
Little audience noise.
Very good:
  Voice is in the foreground. Instrumentation well-balanced. Notable noise from the audience but which is not in the foreground.
  Audience noise predominate. Voice well audible.
Possibly not all instruments can be heard.
  Voice and instrumentation are both in the background. Audience noise predominate. Sometimes hiss.
  Voice and/or instruments almost unnoticeable.
Much audience noise. Dull with hiss.