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Elvis The King - The Singles Sampler

Elvis The King - The Singles Sampler - EU 2007 - Sony/BMG 8869714303 2 Elvis The King - The Singles Sampler - EU 2007 - Sony/BMG 8869714303 2 Elvis The King - The Singles Sampler - EU 2007 - Sony/BMG 8869714303 2

  Title:   Elvis The King - The Singles Sampler  
  Catalog Number:   Sony/BMG 8869714303 2  
  Matrix Number:   No Matrix Number printed on CD  
  Year:   2007  
  01. Heartbreak Hotel - single released  13.08.07
02. Suspicious Minds - single released  16.08.07
03. Blue Suede Shoes - single released  20.08.07
04. Hound Dog - single released  27.08.07
05. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear - single released  03.09.07
06. (Let's Have A) Party - single released  10.09.07
07. Don't - single released  17.09.07
08. Hard Headed Woman - single released  24.09.07
09. King Creole - single released  01.10.07
10. A Big Hunk O' Love - single released  08.10.07
11. Wear My Ring Around Our Neck - single released  15.10.07
12. If I Can Dream - single released  22.10.07
13. Viva Las Vegas - single released  29.10.07
14. In The Ghetto - single released  05.11.07
15. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - single released  12.11.07
16. Always On My Mind - single released  19.11.07
17. An American Trilogy - single released  26.11.07
18. Burning Love - single released  03.12.07
   Description:   Issued in 2007 by BMG-Sony EU to promote "Elvis - The King 18 Single Box Set", which includes all above listed CD-singles.

This is an original promotional CDR (not mentioned on the insert or disc) made by SONY / BMG

This CD-R comes in a single cardboard sleeve.  The front cover has the same art work as the “‘Elvis - The King"  European Sony CD release from 2007. Below the title you can read the words "The Singles Sampler" in black font  No other distinguished remarks are present on the front cover.  The back cover is white and all 18 tracks are listed along with the street release date for each single.  The logos of Sony/BMG, RCA and Legacy are printed.  In addition, the following phrase is also printed in capital letters - "Promo Use Only - Not For Sale.  Sony/BMG really tried to promote Elvis on this release as three different websites are listed on the back cover: ELVISTHEKINGUK.COM, ELVISTHEMUSIC.COM and ELVIS.COM.

The CD-R itself contains red background with white and silver print.  In the top, the "Elvis - The King" logo is printed in white print.  "The Single Sampler" is printed in silver print in the bottom part of the disc.  The phrase "PROMO ONLY - NOT FOR SALE" is printed belew.  In addition the three corporate logos are also printed.