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Moody Blue / Way Down

 Title: Moody Blue / Way Down 
 Catalog number: 74321 512612 
 Matrix number: T-5829/4321512612 A 
 Year: 1997 
 Value: 50 € 
 Description: Contents : Moody Blue - Way Down (take 1).

Issued in 1997 by BMG Belgium to promote the 'Elvis Presley - Platinum - A Life In Music' 4 CD box set release.

This 2 track promo CD is presented in a slim jewel case. This release was only available as a bonus CD with the purchase of the Belgian 52 CD Graceland box set release. The entire design of the front cover is rooted on a 'moody blue' background. It portrays three painted images of Elvis from 1969,1970 and 1971. The titles of the two tracks on the CD are written across the entire cover. In addition, in large pink letters, resembling the Las Vegas type banners, Elvis’ name is shown in the top left corner. Inside the insert/cover is an article written by Marc Hendrickx in Dutch and French. A small picture from December 10, 1976 is also included showing Elvis in his 'Rainbow Suit' meeting a Belgian female fan. The back cover lists the two tracks on the CD. At the bottom it states: 'For Promotional Use Only. Not For Sale'. The RCA and BMG logos are also displayed. The disc is a picture disc showing a close up picture of Elvis from one of the 'That’s The Way It Is' concerts. The picture is contrived using different shades of blue with silver print. The BMG and RCA logos are also on the disc. The following phrase is printed on the disc: 'For Promotional Use Only - Not For Sale'.
number 40

The picture on the frontcover of the 'Mody Blue/Way Down' promotionl CD, was originally used as a frontcover of the Dutch comics magazines 'Kuifje' number 40 in 1977 - as a tribute to Elvis.

'Kuijfje' was the Dutch version of the French 'Tintin' magazine - a weekly comics magazine - first issue was released in 1946, and it ceased in 1993.