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ELV1S 30 #1 HITS - Promotional Sampler for Stern Magazine

 Title: ELV1S 30 #1 HITS - Promotional Sampler for Stern Magazine 
 Catalog Number: 74321 96306 2 
 Matrix Number: Sono Press 50462158/74321963062 02 
 Year: 2002 
 Value: 15 € (with magazine) 
 Description: Contents : Burning Love (a - b test) - Burning Love - Suspicious Minds (a - b test) - Suspicious Minds.

Issued in 2002 by BMG Germany to promote the “Elvis 30 #1 Hits” CD in Germany.

This German CD comes in a custom paper sleeve , which was attached to the inside of the magazine. The front page of the magazine contained a reference to this enhanced CD package. The magazine contains a number of Elvis related articles. The front of the paper sleeve contains black background. In the top right corner there is the half face shot taken from the rear cover of the commercial release. In the lower part of the cover the title of the CD is printed along with the information about the release and the street date. This information is printed in German. The rear cover also contains black background and lists the contents of this release along with more information about the commercial release in German. The CD itself is a picture disc resembling the front cover of the front sleeve of this release. In addition , at the bottom of the CD label , the catalog number is printed and the warning: “Not For Sale”.