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Allá en El Rancho Grande

 Title:  Allá en El Rancho Grande 
 Catalog Number: E 
 Matrix Number:  43cdda002103 01 
 Year: 1998 
 Value: 50 € 
 Description: Contents : Allá en El Rancho Grande - Guadalajara - Mexico.

Issued in 1998 by BMG Mexico to promote the musical legacy of Elvis to Mexico.

This is the first in the “Elvis Le Canta A Mexico” series of five proposed CDs. The catalog number of each CD represents one of the five letters in Elvis’ name. The front cover shows a copy of a color oil painting done by Mr. Edgar Montes de Oca. His signature appears in the lower left corner. The painting shows a young Elvis wearing a Mexican tuxedo including a sombrero. At first sight , it looks very peculiar and trivial. The inside of the insert lists the 3 tracks included on the CD and a short synopsis behind the series , the songs and Elvis’ ties to Mexico. Elvis is also referred to as the “King of Ranchera Music” ! The back of the insert shows a color picture of a Mexican rarity - Cita Con Elvis (A Date With Elvis) LP form 1959 and history behind the record. The back cover shows a color picture of Elvis that was used on the rear of the original “Fun In Acapulco” LP cover. It is the one coupled with the “The Bullfighter Was A Lady” track on the LP. The same picture is used under the see-through tray holding the CD. In addition , the back cover lists the tracks and as well it shows the cover of the second CD in this Mexican series. At the bottom of the cover it states : “Disco Promocional. Prohibida Su Venta -Hecho En Mexico”. The CD itself is a picture disc showing the same picture as on the cover utilizing different shades of blue and black. The disc also contains the BMG and RCA logos and the painter’s signature. At the bottom of the disc , it states : “Disco Promocional”.