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Are You Lonesome Tonight ?

 Title:  Are You Lonesome Tonight ? - Famous Laughing Version 
 Catalog Number: 74321 847332 
 Matrix Number:  DOCdata BMG74321847332 
 Year: 2001 
 Value: 20 € 
 Description: Contents : Are You Lonesome Tonight ? (Laughing Version).

Issued in 2001 by BMG Netherlands to promote the “The Live Greatest Hits” CD.

This 1 track CD comes in a cardboard picture sleeve. The CD was given free of charge with the purchase of the “The Live Greatest Hits” CD in Holland. The entire sleeve (front and back) shows an imprint of a picture from the 1969 Las Vegas Press Conference on a red background. The front cover contains the following logo : “Elvis Presley - Limited Collector’s Edition”. The title of the track contained on the CD is also printed. In the lower left corner there is a reproduction of Elvis’ signature. The rear of the sleeve contains a logo advertising Elvis in the Dutch Cyberspace. The following phrase is also printed : “For promotional use only”. The CD itself is black with white print. It is made to resemble a record with a black label. The CD contains the BMG Sweden and RCA logos and the title of the CD. In the lower part of the label it states : “Limited collector’s edition.” In addition , a replica of Elvis’ signature is also printed on the label.