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The Twelfth Of Never

 Title:  The Twelfth Of Never 
 Catalog Number: 74321 365702 
 Matrix Number:  60307 * BMG 74321 365702 *2. 
 Year: 1995 
 Value: 20 € 
 Description: Contents : The Twelfth Of Never - Walk A Mile In My Shoes.

Issued in 1996 by BMG Netherlands to promote the ‘70s box set.

This was given away to customers of the Dutch store Vroom & Dreesman for one month when purchasing other Elvis CDs from the store. Presented in a slim jewel case , the cover insert uses the same photo as “The ‘70s Box Set” with a blue background. The inside lists the two tracks contained on the CD and states : “Promo Only -Not For Sale”. A smaller version of the cover picture is also reproduced on the inside cover. The CD is a picture disc using the cover picture as the artwork on a blue background. The disc lists the two tracks and states: “Promo Only - Not For Sale”.