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Elvis By The Presleys Sampler

 Title:  Elvis By The Presleys Sampler 
 Catalog Number:  HEMJ 69154 2 
 Matrix Number:  HEMJ691542 + + E527601 IFPI L 828 
 Year:  2005 
 Country: USA 
 Value: 45  
 Description:  Contents : Heartbreak Hotel - Separate Ways - I Got A Feeling In My Body

Issued in 2005 by Sony BMG Music to promote the commercial 2 cd set and the DVD : Elvis By The Presleys.
This 3 track sampler comes in a cardboard sleeve. On the frontcover you will see the title aswell the word : "SAMPLER" ! On the back stands the tracklist , a small picture of the 2 cd set and DVD. A warining that reads : "FBI ANTI-PIRACY WARNING : UNAUTHORIZED COPYING IS PUNISHABLE UNDER FEDERAL LAW" aswell the words : "For Promotional Une Only - Not For Sale" ! The cd itself has a million of pionts , the title , the tracklist , the warning and the word : "SAMPLER". Afterall , a nice sampler !