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Elvis Presley Radio Special - The King Of Rock 'n' Roll

 Title:  Elvis Presley Radio Special - The King Of Rock 'n' Roll 
 Catalog Number:  RDJ 66121-2 
 Matrix Number:  W. O. 76797-2 RDJ661212 
 Year:  1992 
 Country: USA 
 Value: 35 € 
 Description:  Contents : Three promos for the program - nine soundbites with Elvis’ comments on various topics and the actual radio program with the following tracks :

  That’s All Right
Mystery Train
Heartbreak Hotel
Hound Dog
Don’t Be Cruel
Blue Suede Shoes
Love Me Tender
That’s When Your Heartaches Begin
Love Me
(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
One Night Of Sin
Blue Christmas
Jailhouse Rock
Treat Me Nice
A Big Hunk O’ Love

Issued in 1992 to U.S. radio stations to promote the “The Complete ‘50s Masters” box set.

The front cover delineates an on-stage picture of a rocking Elvis reaching for the microphone during a ’56 concert. It’s an exact reproduction of the photo used for the cover of the second CD in the box set. This package also contains a replay card for radio disc jockeys to comment on the promotional program contained on the disc. The inside of the cover contains the tracks included on the CD and instructions to the radio stations. The actual radio special contained on the CD is nothing exceptional or unusual. The entire show , narrated by Lou Simon , is an unashamed commercial for the ‘50’s box set. It goes into great detail to explain how all of the tracks have been painstakingly remastered from the original master tapes to achieve the best quality possible. The rear cover lists the contents of the CD on a blue background and contains the following phrase : “Promotional Copy - Not For Sale”. The CD itself is silver with black print including the “Elvis In the 90’s” logo and the following phrase : “Promo Only - Not For Sale” under the logo.