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Can't Help Falling In Love
The Hollywood Hits

Can't Help Falling In Love - The Hollywood Hits - EU 1999 - BMG 7863 67873 2

Release: 1999 BMG 07863 67873-2   USA 18 €
Release: 1999 BMG 07863 67873-2   EU 18 €
Release: 2000 BMG BVCM-31049   Japan 28 €

New remastered
Release: 2003BMG 07863 65138-2BMG HeritageUSA18 €
Release: 2003BMG 07863 65138-2BMG Heritage Taiwan 20 €
Release: 2003BMG 07863 65138-2BMG Heritage Brazil22 €
Release: 2003BMG 07863 65138-29BMG Heritage Mexico22 €
Release: 2003BMG 07863 65138-2BMG Heritage Thailand22 €
Release: 2003 BMG BVCM 31090   Japan 22 €


A compilation album with 22 welll-known movie songs, published by BMG Music in the year 1999. The title was reissued in the year 2003 by BMG Heriage in their "The Classic Album Series", new mastered using DSD technology.

The Song "(Such An) Easy Question" isn't a movie song. The song was used in the movie "Tickle Me" but not recorded for the film.

Can't Help Falling in Love: The Hollywood Hits compiles 22 hit singles that were originally featured on soundtracks for films starring Elvis Presley. Where the double-disc set Command Performances: The Essential 60's Masters II concentrated on the '60s, specifically the cream of what was not on the five-disc box From Nashville to Memphis, this compilation draws from a random selection of movies Elvis made between 1956 and 1972. That's not necessarily a bad thing, even if the sequencing is also at random, since these featured songs are usually either quite good ("Jailhouse Rock," "Loving You," "King Creole," "Return to Sender," "Viva Las Vegas") or are embarrassing guilty pleasures ("Bossa Nova Baby," "Rock-a-Hula Baby," etc.). So, this isn't a definitive collection of movie hits, nor does it have all the movie hits that a casual fan may want. It's simply a reasonably enjoyable Elvis collection, one among many others of the same stripe in his catalog. (AllMusic Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine  )