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Elvis Country - I'm 10.000 Years Old


Elvis Country - I'm 10.000 Years Old - BMG 74321-14692-2 - Germany 1993

Release: 1988 BMG R25P-1009   Japan 35 €
Release: 1989 BMG 18582-7 German Club Edition Germany 30 €
Release: 1989BMG R25P-1009 Japan 30 €
Release: 1993 BMG 07863-66279-2   Canada 20
Release: 1993 BMG 74321-14692-2    Germany 14 €
Release: 1993 BMG 07863-66279-2   USA 14 €
Release: 1993 BMG 07863-66279-2 BMG Direct Marketing USA 18 €
Release: 1994 BMG 74321-14692-2    Germany 12 €
Release: 1994 BMG CDRCA (WM) 4049   South Africa 35 €
Release: 1995 BMG BVCP-7403   Japan 20 €
Release: 1995 BMG 07863-66279-2   USA 14 €
Release: 1996 BMG 74321-14692-2   Germany 12 €
Release: 1997 BMG 74321-14692-2   Germany 12 €
Release: 1999 BMG 74321-14692-2 The Original EP Collection EU 12 €
Release: 2000 BMG 07863-66279-2   Brasil  
Release: 2000 BMG 74321 785222 El Rey Del Rock Spain 20 €
Release: 2000BMG BVCM-37097 Paper Sleeve Collection Japan 28 €


Collectors note:

This CD was re-released in 2000 with 6 bonus tracks.

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On June 4, 1970, Elvis travelled to RCA's Nashville studio and recorded 34 songs in five days. The repertoire would be spread over four releases; "That's The Way lt In", "Elvis Now", "Love Letters From Elvis" & "Elvis Country". This was a great time for Elvis.

The live comeback in Las Vegas had been critically acclaimed and the success of the American Recording Studio sessions had put him firmly back on the charts. The now legendary recording of "Suspicious Minds" reached #1 on November 1, 1969, and two albums; "From Elvis In Memphis" and "From Memphis To Vegas" had charted at 13 and 12 respectively.

The songs recorded at the June session consisted mainly of country standards and ballads. lt didn't take long for someone to realise a country album would be a sensible proposition!

Preceded by the single "I Really Don't Want To Know"/"There Goes My Everything", the "Elvis Country" album was released in January 1971. Both were certifies gold and reached #21 and #12 on their respective charts. Vocally, Elvis was in superb form and great ballads like "Make The World Go Away" and "Funny How Time Slips Away" were complimented with the uptempo "Faded Love" and "I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water".

This became Elvis' first concept album as the song "I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago" was segued between every track! lt was issued in it's entirety on "Elvis Now" in 1972. (from the release notes)