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Elvis live - Sony/BMG 82876 85750-2 - EU 2006

Release: 2006 Sony/BMG 82876 85751 2   EU 12
Release: 2006 Sony/BMG 82876 85751 2   USA 12
Release: 2006 Sony/BMG 82876 87256 2 Walmart USA 14
Release: 2006 Sony/BMG 82876 85751 2   India 20 €
Release: 2006 Sony/BMG 82876 85751 2   Thailand 17
Release: 2009 Sony Music 82876 85751 2   EU 10
Release: 2014 Sony Music 82876 85751 2   USA 9 €
Release: 2015 Sony Music 88875 10544 2   USA 9 €


Published in the Elvis theme CD series. See all releases here.


When Elvis Presley ditched Hollywood return to the concert stage in 1969, be assumed a role grander than any screenwriter could ever have imagined. He was certainly charismatic an the silver screen, but he appeared dramatically more larger than life when he was singing, swiveling and sweating in the flesh.

On the extraordinary Elvis, his 1968 Comeback Special, he presented himself as sleek and sexy rocker, head to toe in basic black, instantly reminding the world why they'd Botten so excited about him in the first place. Within a few short years, he'd evolved into a spectacularly attired figure that Gould command the attention of thousands in arenas or stadiums with the simple toss of a perspiration-blessed scarf. When he came to Manhattan in June 1972 for a series of shows that local Fans had literally been waiting a lifetime for, New York Times writer Chris Chase declared, "Once in a great while, a special champion comes along, a Joe Louis... a Joe DiMaggio, someone in whose hands the way a thing is done is more important than the thing itself... Friday night at Madison Square Garden, Elvis was that. He stood there at the end, his arms stretched out, the great gold cloak giving him wings, a champion, the only one in his class."

Elvis had honed his act in Las Vegas during long runs in the gilded showroom of the International Hotel, starting in the summer of '69. Though Vegas had become the final creative resting place for many a once-vital performer, Elvis transcended his surroundings, rattling the complacency of the hotel's pampered patrons with his very presence. The late rock critic Lester Bangs, a hipper-than-thou character usually more at home with the likes of Lou Reed or Iggy Pop, proved that no one could be unmoved by Elvis: "When I looked at him I went mad with desire and envy and worship and self-projection. I mean, Mick Jagger never even came close."

Many of the tracks here were captured during Elvis's legendary Vegas residencies; others come from his wildly popular 1973 Aloha From Hawaii live-via-satellite TV concert. As this disc illustrates, his post-'69 live repertoire wasn't just about the glitz. Elvis often chose material that had a personal, or spiritual resonance for him, songs that harkened back to his roots, to his faith, to a simpler time - like his favorite gospel number, "How Great Thou Art," Paul Simon's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" or a secular inspirational Ilke "My Way." Even "An American Trilogy," which might seem kitschy done by anyone eise, remains downright stirring.

Nowadays, as the ad slogan goes, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Luckily for us, Elvis kept the tapes running, the cameras rolling. (from the liner notes)