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Hits Like Never Before
Essential Elvis, Vol. 3


  Hits Like Never Before - Essential Elvis, Vol. 3 - Germany 1990 - BMG PD 90486

Release: 1990 BMG PD 90486 Elvis in the 90s Germany 18 €
Release: 1991 BMG 2229-2-R   Canada 22
Release: 1991 BMG 2229-2-R   USA 18 €
Release: 1991 BMG BVCP-28 Elvis in the 90s Japan 30 €
Release: 1991 BMG PD 90486   Australia 22 €
Release: 1993 BMG PD 90486 Elvis in the 90s Germany 15 €
Release: 1994 BMG 2229-2-R   USA 15 €
Release: 1994 BMG PD 90486 Elvis in the 90s Germany 15 €
Release: 1999 BMG PD 90486 Artist of the Century Germany 15 €


Part of the "Essential Elvis Presley" series


HITS LIKE NEVER BEFORE brings together alternate takes of 24 songs that Elvis Presley recorded in marathon sessions for RCA in 1958, on the eve of his departure for military service in Germany. It was the album versions of these songs, along with a slew of Hollywood movies, that helped to sate fans' appetites during The King's ensuing two-year absence.

These shelved takes are revealing. Not only do they illuminate Elvis' evolution as a singer, but they also hint at the kind of behind-the-scenes decisions that were being made in the tailoring of the singer's sound. Compare, for example, the first-run-through take of "A Big Hunk O' Love" featured here to the (presumably later) session take released to the public Hits Like Never Before: Essential Elvis Vol. 3 songs. One notices that Elvis' singing on the former is marked by a more airy timbre, while the latter captures a growling vocal punch. In addition, "A Big Hunk O' Love" did not originally receive the anchoring support of lower-register background doo-wop singing.