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Essential Elvis - The First Movies


Essential Elvis - EU 1998 - BMG 74321 57347 2


Release: 1987 RCA R32P-1118   Japan 35
Release: 1987 BMG PD 89980   Germany 25 €
Release: 1988 BMG 6738-2-R   Canada
25 €
Release: 1988 BMG R32P-1118   Japan 30 €
Release: 1988 BMG 6738-2-R Longbox USA 30 €
Release: 1989 BMG R32P-1118   Japan 30 €
Release: 1989 BMG 6738-2-R   USA 18 €
Release: 1990 BMG 6738-2-R   USA 18 €
Release: 1991 BMG PD 89980   Australia 25 €
Release: 1991 BMG 6738-2-R   Canada
20 €
Release: 1991 BMG PD 89980   Germany 18 €
Release: 1991 BMG R32P-1118   Japan 25 €
Release: 1992 BMG PD 89980   Germany 18 €
Release: 1993 BMG BVCP-1003   Japan 20
Release: 1992 BMG 6738-2-R Longbox USA 28 €
Release: 1993 BMG PD 89980   Germany 15 €
Release: 1994 BMG 6738-2-R   Canada
18 €
Release: 1994 BMG PD 89980   Germany 15 €
Release: 1994 BMG 6738-2-R   USA 15 €
Release: 1996 BMG 6738-2-R   USA 15 €
Release: 1998 BMG 74321 57347 2   EU  12 €
Release: 2000BMG 74321 57347 2 Greece15 €


Part of the "Essential Elvis Presley" series


In this world of hi-tech recording facilities, where synthesizers can sample a human croak and make it sound like a Bach Chorale, it is refreshing to hear music of the 1950's that had as much, if not more, raw energy and excitment than the music of today.

Elvis Presley with his band Scotty Moore (Guitar), Bill Black (Bass) and D.J. Fontana (Drums) created some of the most innovative and exciting sounds of that era.

These recordings were the result of spontaneous expression by both singer and musician. Their Performances were recorded live in the studio and captured on tape by machines that might make some modern artists cringe!

"Essential Elvis" contains original and alternate versions from his first three motion pictures. It's the most exciting single album release since his untimely death in 1977.

A full year of research has resulted in priceless unreleased masters being made available for the first time. Alternate versions of classics like "Jailhouse Rock", "Treat Me Nice", "Loving You" and "Party" will enthrall Elvis fans throughout the world.
Top priority has been given to the historical content of "Essential Elvis" and every effort has been made to improve the quality of recordings taken from reference laquers.

The legend lives on. Elvis Presley revolutionised the world of popular music and his in fluence on a whole generation is still being acknowledged today. This album is a tribute to that golden era. (Roger Semon)