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Elvis Presley Hitstory - Sony-BMG 82876 71247 2  Elvis Presley CD 

Release: 2005 Sony/BMG 82876 73176 2   Canada 28 €
Release: 2005 Sony/BMG 82876 73176 2   EU 28 €

Release: 2005

BMG BVCZ-38002-4   Japan 42 €
Release: 2005 Sony/BMG 82876 73935 2 Jewel Case UK 28 €

Release: 2005

Sony/BMG 82876 71247 2   USA 28 €

Release: 2005

Sony/BMG 82876 71247 2  / D201107 BMG Club USA 35 €
Release: 2007 Sony/BMG 82876 73935 2 Jewel Case UK 28 €


The US and Canada release has a different track list on disc 3 than releases from EU/UK/JP.


Hitstory is compilation album by Elvis Presley, which includes the two previous compilation album ELV1S and 2nd to None, in addition to a bonus disc, entitled The Story Continues. On March 8, 2018, the box set was certified Platinum by the RIAA for sales in excess of 1,000,000 units. The tracks are not in any chronological order, but still derive from Presley's whole recording career.

This impressive three-disc collection combines three separate Elvis Presley anthologies into a surprisingly coherent whole, beginning with 30 #1 Hits as the first disc, 2nd to None (which continues where 30 #1 Hits left off and includes Sun Records sides as well as movie soundtrack material and some live cuts) as the second, and a third disc, called The Story Continues, which adds more tracks that didn't make it onto the other two discs. It's not really a history, since it isn't assembled chronologically and skips through eras and back again on a dime, but it's impossible to listen to everything here without being struck by the full force of Presley's talent, and freed from the massive cultural image that was Elvis and boiled down to just his music like this, the effect is staggering. He simply was the King. Die-hard fans will already have everything here, but folks looking for a single set that includes Presley's key Sun tracks along with his subsequent RCA hits, the best of his soundtrack work, a few live performances, and a handful of sentimental favorites will find everything they need in this three-disc package. It isn't everything, obviously, but it hits all the high points without sacrificing range, variety, or depth. (AllMusic Review by Steve Leggett )