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Prince From Another Planet
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Prince From Another Planet - USA 2012 - Sony Music 88691953882

Release: 2012 Sony Legacy 88691953882 EU 38 €
Release: 2012 Sony Music SICP 3680-2Japan 50 €
Release: 2012 Sony Legacy 88691953882USA 38 €


PRINCE FROM ANOTHER PLANET takes its title from a New York Times headline that accompanied its rave review of the King Of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s four sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden (80,000 tickets sold), the weekend of Friday through Sunday, June 9 - 11, 1972. CD two reprises the Saturday night show in its entirety, some 20 songs (plus introductions) originally issued on LP on June 18, 1972, just eight days after the concert took place. CD one reprises the (slightly longer) Saturday afternoon show, some 23 songs (plus introductions), archived and issued for the first time 25 years later in 1997, on CD.

Accompanying the two CDs is a bonus DVD that presents unseen footage of the Saturday afternoon show, captured on hand-held camera by a fan, and now acquired by Legacy from that fan decades later for this package. The film is a revealing portrait of a physically commanding Elvis and his power-house TCB Band, background vocalists, and orchestra. Precious little visual documentation exists of Elvis in concert, so this footage is an historically important discovery.
Along with the concert film on the DVD is another video document, the press conference that took place on Friday afternoon before the big weekend. Attended by Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis’ father, Vernon Presley, Elvis disarms and wins over the New York press corps with his good-natured demeanor.


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