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Reconsider Baby


Reconsider Baby - France 1985 - RCA PD 85418

Release: 1985 RCA PCD1-5418 Made in Japan USA 35
Release: 1985 RCA PD 85418   Germany 30
Release: 1985 RCA PD 85418   France 30
Release: 1986 RCA PCD1-5418   USA 25 €
Release: 1987 RCA R32P-1080   Japan 35 €
Release: 1988 BMG PCD1-5418   USA 20
Release: 1990 BMG PCD1-5418   USA 18
Release: 1991 BMG PCD1-5418   USA 18
Release: 1992 BMG BVCP-215   Japan 30
Release: 1992 BMG PCD1-5418   Canada  30 €
Release: 1995 BMG PCD1-5418   USA 15 €
Release: 1997 BMG BG2-5418 Columbia House USA 25
Release: 1998 BMG BG2-5418 Columbia House USA 25


A 12-song, budget-priced compilation of Elvis' most notable blues sides for the label. A good place to start digging Elvis' commitment to the music -- always returning to it right up through the '70s like an old friend, whenever he needed a quick fix of the real thing -- as he takes on everything from R&B slices like Tommy Tucker's "High Heel Sneakers" to Percy Mayfield's "Stranger in My Own Home Town." Major highlights on this collection are Elvis playing acoustic rhythm guitar and driving the band through a take of the Lowell Fulson title track, blistering versions of two Arthur Crudup songs, an unreleased Sun recording of Lonnie Johnson's "Tomorrow Night," and the R-rated take of Smiley Lewis's "One Night (of Sin)." (AllMusic Review by Cub Koda )