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Separate Ways


Separate Ways - USA 2007 - Sony/BMG A709674 - Elvis Presley CD

Release: 1991 BMG CCD-2611 Camden Classics Canada 50
Release: 1994 BMG CCD-2611 Camden Classics Canada 40 €
Release: 2007 Sony/BMG A709674 RCA Camden USA 8 €


Reprint of the RCA Camden LP from 1973.
First released on CD in the Camden Classics series.
Reissued in the year 2007 with original album cover in the RCA Camden series.


Separate Ways is a compilation album by Elvis Presley from 1973.

Released on the RCA Camden label exactly one month after another compilation, Burning Love and Hits from His Movies, Volume 2, Separate Ways was the second and final attempt by RCA to repackage older Elvis recordings by pairing them with a recent hit single, in this case "Separate Ways" and its flipside "Always On My Mind".

Separate Ways peaked on the Billboard chart at number 46 and the Country Album chart at number 12 on its release and has since gone on to sell over 3 million copies worldwide.
It was certified gold on March 27, 1992, and platinum on January 6, 2004, by the RIAA. (wikipedia )