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The Gospel Collection


The Gospel Collection - EU 2010 - Sony Camden 88697794852

Release: 2010Sony 88697794852 Camden Australia 11 €
Release: 2010Sony 88697794852 Camden Canada8 €
Release: 2010 Sony 88697794852 Camden EU 8 €
Release: 2010Sony CDRCA7287  Camden South Africa 
Release: 2011Sony 88697794852 Camden Australia 11 €


The tradition of religious music was a part of daily life for the young Elvis when growing up in Tupelo, Mississippi. The Presley family attended the First Assembly Of God church, watched the country stars perform church standards on the weekly shows, and as a teen, Elvis and his friends would sneak into churches to catch the lively music of a different musical heritage. A passion that he would carry throughout his professional career and personal life, spirituals and gospels were an important influence on both Elvis Presley the performer and Elvis Presley the man.