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The Real... Elvis - 3 CD
The Ultimate Elvis Presley Collection


The Real Elvis (3CD set) - 2011 - Sony Music 88697915472 - Elvis Presley CD 

Release: 2011Sony Music 88697915472 Error release EU 15 €
Release: 2011Sony Music 88697915472   EU12 €
Release: 2011 Sony Music 88697915472 Error release Taiwan 17 €
Release: 2012Sony Music 88697915472 Malaysia18 €
Release: 2012Sony Music 88697915472  EU12 €


"The Real..." is a series by Sony Music with more than 70 different titles.
Until now four Elvis CDs are released in the series. The here seen "The Real...Elvis - 3 CD", "The Real... Elvis - 1 CD", "The Real... Elvis Presley 60's Collection", "The Real... Elvis Presley At The Movies". For the other titles see the Dicogs listings