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The Very Best Of Love


The Very Best Of Love - USA 2001 - BMG EP2 5294

Release: 2001 BMG DRC13243 EP2 5294   USA 16 €
Release: 2001 BMG DRC13243 EP2 5294   Canada  
Release: 2007 Sony-BMG A 719931 / 88697 19931 2   USA 12 €
Release: 2007 Sony-BMG TC2 52869 Tin Box USA 22
Release: 2008 Sony A 719931 / 88697 31790 2   USA 12 €
Release: 2009Sony / Madacy TC2 54424 Tin BoxUSA 22 €


From the liner notes:
EIVIS may be the "King of Rock n' Roll" but no one can sing a love song and make the story come alive like him. His one-of-a-kind voice and passionate delivery make a love song more than just a-song: A trip down memory lane comes with every note. This collection contains some of the biggest hits of Elvis' career and personifies the words "love songs". Six of the songs went to the #1 position on the hit charts while others have become signature tunesfrom his many concert, television and movie appearances. This collection truly deserves the title "The Very Best of Love"and represents songs that have combined to stay over 175 weeks on the charts and almost 120 weeks at #1!

The "King of Rock n' Roll" lives on through his music. No artist in the history of pop music has captured the hearts of his dedicated fans around the world like Elvis Presley. Almost 25 years after his untimely death in 1977, the King is still worshipped by millions of loyal fans who honor every event in the life or their idol - birthdays, movies, recordings and his death. Every day somewhere in the world an Elvis movie can be seen, a song can be heard and thousands of fans will make a pilgrimage to Graceland to visit the legendary home of the King