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Tiger Man


Tigerman - EU 1998 - BMG 07863 67611 2 - Elvis Presley CD

Release: 1998 BMG 07863 67611 2   Australia 20
Release: 1998 BMG 07863 67611 2   Canada 17 €
Release: 1998 BMG 07863 67611 2   EU 15 €
Release: 1998 BMG BVCM-31009   Japan 25 €
Release: 1998 BMG 07863 67611 2   USA 15 €
Release: 1998 BMG BG2 67611 Columbia House USA 25 €
Release: 1999 BMG 07863 67611 2   Brazil 22
Release: 2001 BMG 07863 67611 2 Blue Suede Shoes Collection USA  15
Release: 2004 BMG 07863 67611 2   USA 15


Tiger Man is a compilation CD consisting the 30th anniversary editon of 68 Combeback Special with the complete unedited 8pm "Sit Down" show, recorded on June 27, 1968.

During the most captivating segment of Elvis Presley's phenomenal 1968 television comeback special, Presley reunited with original band members Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana. (Bass player Bill Black died in the mid-1960s.) To film that segment, Presley and the group performed two sets before a small, but rapt studio audience. A generous selection of performances from those concerts became available on video in 1985 under the title "Elvis: One Night With You," but RCA waited until 1998 to release TIGER MAN, a single CD of the performances. Surely, most rock and blues music aficionados who have ever seen "One Night With You" will not need much convincing to buy TIGER MAN. These performances quite simply capture Presley at his best, singing with a joy and fire absent from much of his 1960s output. At the same time, Presley is clearly giving it his all, as if trying to undo in one brief set all the damage that years of safe, mediocre movies did to his image. An unusual and stunning aspect is that Presley "swaps axes" - the electric guitar - with Moore early in the set. Instead of Moore's groundbreaking country-blues fusion guitar licks, we hear something completely new and unexpected. Presley's wild, thrashing, and incendiary rhythmic lead guitar playing reveals a side of Elvis Presley's musicianship previously unheard on disc. It is not something serious music fans want to miss, and it is displayed very well on this album.
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