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Films 1958

 Title: Elvis Presley - La Legende - Films 1958 
 Label:BMG France / Editions Atlas, Paris 
 Catalog Number: 2868 205 
 Total Tracks: 16 
 Track Listing:  King Creole - As Long As I Have You - Hard Headed Woman - Trouble - Dixieland Rock - Don't Ask Me Why - Lover Doll - Crawfish - Young Dreams - Steadfast, Loyal And True - New Orleans - Danny - Lover Doll - As Long As I Have You (alternate version) - King Creole (alternate version) - King Creole (instrumental version)
Notes:  Track 05) Dixieland Rock long intro
Track 07) Lover Doll overdub version with chorus
Track 08) Crawfish alt. take version with woman singing at the beginning of the track
Track 13) Lover Doll undubbed version without chours
Track 14) As Long As I Have You alt. take version
Track 15) King Creole alt. take version
Track 16) King Creole instrumental version