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Elvis Presley Atlas Edition Series



This collection of 30 CD's named "Elvis Presley La Legende", published by the french Music- and Bookclub Atlas between 1997 and 1999, is divided into 7 themes: Rock 'n' Roll, Romantic,  Films, Live, Country, Christmas and Gospel. The covers are identical in every way except for the colours. Each volume is accompanied by an DIN A4 booklet (between 28 and 32 pages), elaborating on the specific theme of the CD via texts, photographs and documents. The director of this collection is ERIC DIDI, collaborator of ELVIS MY HAPPINESS. This collection has more than 470 versions, incl. rare versions such as "How Do You Think I Feel" recorded at SUN off-mike. The sound was remixed. This is a truly unique and exceptional collection.
(source: Elvis - La Discographie Francaise)







Elvis Presley La Legende - En Concert Series



En Concert 1956-5


En Concert 1969, Vol.1


En Concert 1969, Vol.2


En Concert 1973, Vol.1


En Concert 1973, Vol.2


En Concert 1974



Elvis Presley La Legende - Country Series



Country 1954-58


Country 1962-69


Country 1969-70


Country 1970-71


Country 1971-76



Elvis Presley La Legende - Films Series



Films 1956-57


Films 1957


Films 1958


Films 1960, Vol.1


Films 1960, Vol.2


Films 1961, Vol.1


Films 1961, Vol.2



Elvis Presley La Legende - Gospel Series



Special Gospel



Elvis Presley La Legende - NoŽl Series



Special NoŽl



Elvis Presley La Legende - Rock 'n' Roll Series



Rock 'n' Roll 1954-56


Rock 'n' Roll 1956-57


Rock 'n' Roll 1957-60


Rock 'n' Roll 1961-62


Rock 'n' Roll 1963-68



Elvis Presley La Legende - Romantique Series



Romantique 1954-57


Romantique 1957-60


Romantique 1960-61


Romantique 1962-66


Romantique 1967-70


Thanks to Andy Markou for the support.