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Raised On Rock


Raised On Rock - Germany 1994 - BMG 07863 50388 2

Release: 1994 BMG 07863 50388 2   USA 18 €
Release: 1994 BMG 07863 50388 2   Germany  18 €
Release: 1994 BMG 07863 50388 2   Canada 22
Release: 1994 BMG BVCP-1052   Japan 28 €
Release: 1997 BMG 07863 50388 2   Germany 15 €
Release: 1999 BMG BVCM-35034   Japan 25
Release: 1999 BMG 74321 90645 2 The Original EP Collection EU 12 €
Release: 1999 BMG BVCM-35503 Papersleeve Collection Japan 28
Release: 2000 BMG 74321 785142 El Rey Del Rock Spain 20
Release: 2009 Sony 07863 50388 2   EU 10 €


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In 1973, after the enormous success of the "Aloha From Hawaii" soundtrack - which reached #1 and sold over 2 million in the U.S. alone - there was a great deal of anticipation when it was rumoured that Elvis would be recording in Memphis, at the legendary Stax Studio - located at 625 East McLemore Avenue. lt was founded by Jim Stewart and his sister, Estelle Axton in 1960. The studio was a converted theater and Stax, along with Motown in Detroit, taught young black and white America to get down.

Recording commenced on July 21, and the band assembled featured several musicians who had worked for Elvis at the American Studios in 1969 - Reggie Young, Tommy Cogbill, Bobby Emmons and Bobby Wood. They were joined by James Burton and Ronnie Tutt - from Elvis' live band - and Nashville drummer Jerry Carrigan.

Things progressed well - with 2-3 tracks being recorded each day - but when Burton, Tutt, Cogbill and Young had to leave because of prior engagements things went slowly. Of five songs, only one was completed - "Girl Of Mine". Elvis would record a vocal for "Sweet Angeline" at his Palm Springs home on September 24, but three other tracks: "Good, Bad, But Beautiful", "Color My Rainbow" and "The Wonders You Perform", would never be finished. lronically, the two most commercial tracks "Take Good Care Of Her" and "I've Got A Thing About You Baby" were shelved for his next album, GOOD TIMES.

To precede the album, the single "Raised On Rock" backed with "For Ol' Times Sake" was released in September and reached #41 and #36 in the U.S. and U.K. respectively. The album hit #50 on the Billboard chart.

This album was recorded at a very difficult time during Elvis' life. lt could never be considered a classic. In October, his petition for divorce from Priscilla would be finalized and it must have weighed heavily on his mind. The poignancy of "For Ol' Times Sake" puts this into perspective and makes this re-issue still a must for any real Elvis fan. (from the liner notes)

All titles except tracks 2 & 4 recorded at Stax Studios, Memphis. July 21-23, 1973.
Tracks 2 & 4 recorded at Elvis' Palm Springs home, September 22-24, 1973.