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On Monday, August 17, 2009, Gazeta Wyborcza (Election Gazette, a leading Polish newspaper) in conjunction with Radio Złote Przeboje (Golden Hits Radio) released the first of a twelve volume series of Elvis books CDs.  Each volume included a book and a CD with Elvis´s songs.
The twelve volumes were issued one each week through the autumn 2009.  The set was promoted on TV and billboards.

  Volume 01 – Wiecznie Żywy (Alive Forever) 
  Volume 02 – Narodziny Gwiazdy (A Star Is Born) 
  Volume 03 – Praworządny Obywatel (Law-abiding Citizen)
  Volume 04 – Gwiazda Hollywood (The Hollywood Star) 
  Volume 05 – Viva Las Vegas (Viva Las Vegas) 
  Volume 06 – Mafia Elvisa (The Elvis Mafia)
  Volume 07 – Król Rock ‘N’ Rolla (The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll) 
  Volume 08 – Kobiety Elvisa (Elvis’s Women) 
  Volume 09 – Powrót Króla (Return Of The King)
  Volume 10 – Elvis Na Żywo (Elvis Live) 
  Volume 11 – Upadek Króla (The Fall of the King) 
  Volume 12 – Dusza Elvisa (The Soul of Elvis)



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